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the half-a-disaster apartment

Every time I look at the piles of plastic bins of various sizes stacked in the living room and feel like screaming, I remind myself that there is only one bin residing in hiding under the bed and that I’ve donated 8 bins worth of stuff at least this week.

I put out more than 400 DVDs on Tuesday night and the last of them were scooped up early this morning. Towels, sheets, socks, shirts, and skirts have disappeared much faster. More than 100 books went out and there are still about 15 of them waiting for someone to grab them, along with a pillow I used to use on the sofa for decoration (until 30 minutes ago) that I just sat out there. I’m accumulating more clothes to put out.

I’m washing the canopy and side hangings for the Himmel Bett now and will put those out tomorrow morning. I’ve decided I should donate the bed. I dreamed about having a bed like this since I was a very little girl but I’ve had and enjoyed it now for almost 15 years. None of the other dreams that went along with having a bed like that will ever come true, I’ve no one to pass it on to, and hanging on to it is just stupid. I am going to hang on to my duvets and duvet covers, however. I can’t make myself part with those, at least, not yet.


sleepwalking into a police state

Anyone else see what is wrong with this picture in the U.S.: Earlier this week a father was escorted out of a public Q and A with the school board by a police officer and arrested …because he asked a question about the new Common Core that the school board members didn’t like –essentially asking if it were not dumbing down the curriculum. As he was being escorted out, he asked the other parents “why are you just sitting here like cattle?” when only a few protested that he should be allowed to speak and there was no cause to remove him. Why, indeed.

Then today two kids were suspended from school, will possibly be expelled, and will have on their permanent school records that they were disciplined for using firearms …because they were playing with toy guns IN THEIR OWN YARD. Right. Not at school. Not at the school bus stop. Not on the school bus. In their own front yard.

Crack Israeli team rescuing hostages from Kenyan mall

Within a couple of hours of news that the mall in Kenya was under attack, Israel had a crack special forces team in the air to aid the Kenyan police forces in trying to rescue hostages from the besieged mall.

Yesterday, Kenyan officials said the Israeli soldiers had arrived and “The Israelis have just entered and they are rescuing the hostages and the injured,” a Kenyan security source told Agence France-Presse.

Think about the difference with how the Americans reacted with the attack on their embassy in Benghazi…they had special forces on the ground and within a four-hour plane ride ready to go but all were told to stand down as their Ambassador and others were killed in a two-part 9 hour attack. The only help came from those who disobeyed orders and went to the aid of those trapped at the embassy…some of whom lost their lives for their bravery. The U.S. doesn’t even send in their forces to rescue their own, while Israel sends help from half a world away to help others.

Kenya terrorists from U.S., Canada, Finland and U.K.

Homegrown exported, it seems, in the case of the terrorists who have so far murdered at least 69 people and wounded nearly 200 others at the Westgate Mall in Kenya. The standoff is still ongoing there and there are more than 60 people still unaccounted for — held hostage or murdered by the terrorists. A significant number of the 10-15 terrorists came from the U.S. (3), Canada (1), Finland (1) and the U.K.(1). If there are 10 terrorists that means that more than half came from Western countries.

The tactics used by the terrorists were similar to those used by the terrorists in the concentrated Mumbai attacks on the hotels, cafe, and train station.

The fact that so many of these terrorists hailed from the U.S. and other western countries has very bad implications. The terror group behind this has previously recruited dozens of Americans to their ’cause’ (as well as many recruits from Germany, the U.K., etc). What happens when these terrorists come home to roost?

“This is something scary,” Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent and terror expert, told ABC News. “I mean, if you think about individuals who went and fought in a place like Somalia and when they come back home, there’s nothing good that can come of this… What we see today in Kenya could be easily copied here in the United States.” Indeed it could.

Israeli soldier murdered by Palestinian “friend”

Tomer Hazan, a young Israeli soldier, had forged a close friendship with a Palestinian man he worked with at a restaurant in Bat Yam. They talked on the phone, got together after work, and on Friday Tomer accompanied Nidal Amar to his home village to, he thought, meet his friend’s family. Instead, Nidal, it looks like some of Nidal’s brothers but certainly other people were involved in the planning, murdered the young soldier and hid his body, planning to use his body as a hostage to barter freedom for a terrorist family member from an Israeli jail.

Khomeini Kool Aid

Obama is drinking the Iranian kool aid. Anyone surprised?

If you are in the U.S. get ready for your electric bills to sky rocket. The O administration has just passed restrictive new regulations that will essentially keep any new coal plants from opening in the country and the regulations they are rolling out for January will cause major shutdowns of existing coal plants and rising costs for production. Oh yeah, these regulations are based on the idea that carbon emissions cause global warming — you know that thing that, it has just come out, the Obama administration had scientists suppress data that seems to show isn’t happening. They left an email trail.


I was supposed to bring the two little girls (Missy and Sparkle) to the vet to be spayed today. I managed to get two carriers cleaned and ready for them yesterday, got them into the carriers at midnight so that they would not have access to food or water before the surgery, and this morning got ready to head out. I gave a call to let them know I was on the way…and they said, oh, but you’ll have to pick them up before 4 as we are closing then for the holiday. YIKES. I’ve got student meetings from noon until 7! I’ve just released them into the wild of the apartment and rescheduled their surgeries for Sunday when the vet is next open. The holidays are generally my absolutely favourite time of the year but this year they are simply wreaking havoc on getting things done to meet deadlines imposed by the non-Israeli world that I’ve been scrambling to meet when put atop the regular, daily stuff that you have to make accommodations for with the limited working hours etc. What sucks is that this will be my last year for a long while to enjoy the holidays and I am beyond not enjoying them.