air-conditioner installers here and cats are in hiding

The air-conditioner guys are here. As soon as the bell rang, cats scattered in every direction running low on their stomachs. The head guy was like, what happened here? He was pointing to the huge cardboard boxes that have been seriously used as kitty scratching posts. You have a cat?

Ah, yeah. yeah I do. Clearly my apartment doesn’t stink (hello, with this many cats, this is always a concern, especially with the extreme heat of summer and this many litter boxes). Batya and Mischa are now in evidence but they are the only ones to venture out into this ‘dangerous’ alien-populated and drill-noisy environment. Actually, I’m nearly deaf from the noise the installers are making. I’m hoping in a few hours I will have some cool air flowing in. They just knocked my floor fan onto the floor, having put it up on top of the microwave stand to have cool air blowing directly on them while they work. I jumped a mile; Batya did not blink. 14 cats are cowering under my bed. No lie, there are 14 of them under there. They are lined up and squished together like an open tin of sardines.

Update: Remember that pillar holding up the building that collapsed? Mother of ingenuity (these guys must be closet rednecks) — they’ve cut it up and are using big blocks of it to block the hole in the wall from the old air conditioner….

Update 2: They’ve just left for lunch and will be back but it is already pumping air. Like immediately the temperature in this room has dropped 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I kid you not, in less than 5 minutes. The thermometer says it is now 32 celesius (89 F) and I feel like a new person. It is so amazingly cool with that jet of cold air coming right out at me. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I don’t have to go sit out in the yard anymore to cool off in the middle of the day 🙂


3 responses to “air-conditioner installers here and cats are in hiding”

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  2. Lynne says :

    LOL! I can just picture those cats hiding. Good to hear that you have the a/c. I doubt that you will regret having it! Does it also heat?

  3. israeliminx says :

    The cats are loving the cooler air. Every cat except Tovi (who is locked away from the cool in her separate room) has come out to lay in the living room where the air conditioning is running. Even Flora is in here lolling about and she never leaves my bedroom except to eat and use the litterbox. I have blissed out cool cats.

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