vertical stripes for sewing a skirt?

Most of you guys can probably skip this post…

Ok, I’m donating a ton of fabric that I’ve collected over …eh a lifetime… and boxing some up to send to my Ema who is a sewing wiz (I am totally not) and she makes stuff that people stop you on the street and ask “where did you get that dress etc.?” Sorry, can’t get them in a store as they are Ema-designed and handmade. I have a great (and big, for a queen size bed) fitted sheet that I got off a street-donation a couple of years ago that I snatched up because I was like I want a skirt out of this!!! I was picturing it as a circle skirt (the only kind of skirt I’ve ever sewn, save for a pleated knee length number when I was in high school). The problem is, vertical stripes don’t work for making circle skirts (perish the thought of using them horizontally — I no longer have a skinny minnie high school figure). So, I was thinking of trying to make a maxi skirt with it (using some of the same fabric to make a wide horizontal striped tie belt to put over the elastic waist). I’ve got the elastic for the waist from a beloved skirt that the cats scratched too many holes into to wear in public. All of the directions for maxi skirts I’ve been able to find for free are the simple straight tube variety. I want this sucker to be full and flowy but with no gores or pleats. I’m going to be whipping this sucker up by hand (I donated the sewing machine already). Can I just cut it say double-waist wide from what I’d do for a regular maxi and scrinch that extra fabric over the elastic or would that compromise the vertical line integrity and make my waist look like it was sporting a bouffant hair-do?


2 responses to “vertical stripes for sewing a skirt?”

  1. Lynne says :

    Hey, bring the fabric with you when you visit. I can help you work with it. Stripes can be difficult to work with and you need the right pattern. I think that I have some that will work for you.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Great Ema, I’ll make sure it gets into the suitcase!

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