Obama has ripped the spine out of the American powerhouse

World leaders should not make threats that they are either unwilling or unable to carry through. If you declare a red line, you better be prepared and have all your ducks in a row to be able to act if the other party violates that red line. If you don’t, you make yourself and your country look like a blustering and blundering fool.

Obama should have a) made sure he had Congress on board before declaring a red line — Congress, you know that legislative body that he ignores and disparages and goes around with great disrespect and so is likely to stick it in his eye when they can, b) made a strong and consistent case to the American people and the world about what needed to happen when laying out a case for the red line, and c) if you are going to publicly declare that the U.S. won’t act alone but in conjunction with allies you should perhaps be sure that you are going to have those allies with you. Obama has done none of those things with Syria, ending up with copious amounts of egg on his face, and so America looks like a blustering, blundering fool. Of course, he’s mishandled the situation in Syria from day 1. He is the laughing stock of the Middle East.

If Syria were the only blunder making America look weak, without resolve, waffling, insecure and impotent, it would not be a critical blow. But that isn’t the case. Obama’s foreign policy has consisted of a long string of such blunders. Syria is just the final tug that completely severed America’s spine.

I don’t think America has ever had such a weak and spineless leader. Carter looks like a pillar of strength and ferocious bear in comparison. Imean maybe Millard Fillmore was worse but he at least kept Napoleon from taking over Hawaii.


3 responses to “Obama has ripped the spine out of the American powerhouse”

  1. dkaplan73 says :

    Yeah, Obama really screwed this up. He’s far better at kissing the asses of despots than going to war with them.

    That said, my hope is this embarrassment can be turned around. Few are saying this, but any attack on Syria – no matter how “limited” – is going to result in a much larger conflict… perhaps even all out war. Syria is a powerful presence in the Middle East. It’s staunch allies include Iran and Russia. And, factions fighting within the country come from all over. Though some of these factions have no love for Assad and his regime, they all share a hatred of the West and the United States.

    An attack will almost assuredly unite them against the US and guarantee an overt response from Syria’s allies in the form of harsh rhetoric… and a covert response in the form of guns, bombs and money. There will be covert operations against American interests. And, quite possibly, overt operations against places like Israel and Jordan.

    I’m not a military strategist but I know this: any action the US takes is NOT going to be “limited” and will most definitely be another drawn out conflict… even war.

    To that end, having congressional approval … even if it’s late coming … is a good thing. Money, guns and troops will need to be approved and having a united Congress will make that easier. Indeed, if it comes to it, only Congress can declare war.

    • israeliminx says :

      We know this will spill over with attacks against us and we are ready and prepared and we have red lines that you cross at the peril of not living long enough to regret. As Lieberman said yesterday, “”We have witnessed something unprecedented over the past few months – 100,000 people were massacred in a neighboring country, Syria, and the world continues to talk. The Iranians are taking advantage of the situation – with determination and force – to continue with their nuclear program.”

      It is not in our interest or that of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan for America to look weak. We’re like, what the hell? Personally, if America wants to commit hare kare on the world stage and it just affects America, they are welcome to it. but the fact that it affects my country in terms of strengthening our common enemies really pisses me and the rest of my country off.

  2. israeliminx says :

    BTW this is excellent: http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Govt-to-explore-upgrading-all-personal-laws-in-Area-C-325006

    The idea is to set in place all the laws that govern the rest of Israel on Area C in the West Bank. This would mean protection for pregnant workers (you can’t be fired in Israel if you are pregnant and this is important because of the large number of women who used to be fired simply because they were pregnant and this still occurs in Area C), Israeli minimum wage laws would apply to all workers there, and so would laws on housing, construction, and purchasing of property. Do it.

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