Strong speech from Lieberman regarding Syria, the Palestinians and the international community

Knesset Member Avigdor Lieberman, the co-leader of the ruling Likud-Beiteinu faction, leveled harsh criticism at the West following US President Barack Obama’s decision to seek Congress’ approval for a strike on Syria.

“We have witnessed something unprecedented over the past few months – 100,000 people were massacred in a neighboring country, Syria, and the world continues to talk.

Supporters of Bashar Assad around the world only wish to increase the terror and bloodshed. The Iranians are taking advantage of the situation – with determination and force – to continue with their nuclear program.

There are many elements that are trying to drag Israel into the Syrian turmoil, but I advise everyone not test us and refrain from dragging us into this. The war in Syria did not begin because of Israel or because of our differences with the Palestinians, however, we are prepared, and we have all the answers. They know this in Damascus, Brussels and Moscow, and also in the Dahiya district in Beirut.

The international community has failed to resolve any conflicts and is looking to compensate itself by focusing on the differences between us and the Palestinians. The over-involvement of the Quartet, the European Union, the UN and the various envoys only delays a solution to the problem. If you want to solve the problem, let us deal with the Palestinians alone.”


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