Shana tova umetuka!

Shana tova umetuka! A wonderful and sweet New Year to everyone!! My New Year has started off sweet indeed as I’ve just popped back home from my neighbours where I had a really nice dinner and got to play with the four little ones. I ended up getting two wooden animal puzzles for the little twins and Hello Kitty purses for the girls and they proved a big hit all around as the girls played with both puzzles and purses and the little boys also played with both pretty much most of the evening and were very creative and inventive with their play (not surprising given that both their parents are artists and good enough to make a living off their artistic talents). This good and happy start to the New Year is also good news for all those I hold dear — if you remember a few years ago when I went back to spend the holiday meal with my very first landlady and her daughter went nuts at the holiday table and I had to spend pretty much not just the evening but most of the night dealing with the police and getting her elderly mother settled down and safe for the night: That event jinxed the entire year with ill luck and misfortune dogging not only me but all my close acquaintances. This year, the prognosis is good 🙂


6 responses to “Shana tova umetuka!”

  1. Mike says :

    L’Shana tova everybody. Here’s t a sweet new year for all of us.

  2. Jake from Philly says :

    Wishing a wonderful year with happiness and good health to all!

  3. Mac says :

    I hope you and Lynne have a truly blessed year!

  4. Lynne says :

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

  5. erin says :

    Little late but Shanah Tovah everybody!

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