the U.S. is breaking up –or trying to, literally

The idea of secession from one’s State is taking hold it seems. In Colorado, there are multiple counties banding together to try to secede from Colorado and form a new state called North Colorado. Now, in California a northern county is in talks with nearby counties and counties in southern Oregon to secede from their two states to form a new state called the State of Jefferson and one county has just voted that yep that is what they want to do.

In Texas, a number of leading politicians have come out in the past few months arguing that Texas should secede entirely from the U.S.

In the short term, I don’t think any of these movements are going to be successful. It is the long term that will be more interesting. First, it is indicative of the underlying dissatisfaction significant numbers of people are experiencing, both on the state and national level. Second, when these movements do not succeed, where will that frustration lead them? Is this a trend that is going to continue to gain in popularity or will it fizzle out?

It is a bit interesting that George Soros predicted several years ago that there would be riots, establishment of a police state, class warfare and the attempts at civil war in the U.S. within a few years. Interesting because his financial dealings caused economies to crash in a number of European countries and major rioting has occurred in a number of them. Interesting too, of course, because Soros is the major bankroller behind a large number of political campaigns, media outlets devoted to the Dem cause, and has pumped large amounts of money into the failed Occupy movement etc — he’s successfully seen to the over-throw of regimes: The Open Society Institute (OSI), funded by George Soros is credited with the success of the Rose Revolution in Georgia (country not U.S. state).


3 responses to “the U.S. is breaking up –or trying to, literally”

  1. dkaplan73 says :

    I agree that these movements are not going to succeed. Indeed, the Texas movement has been trying to secede for decades with little to no success.

    Moreover, I don’t serious think the counties in Colorado really want to secede. The counties in question are rural areas with a significantly lower tax base. They would be seceding from counties that generate huge tax revenue for the state – Denver and Boulder to name two.

    If I’ve learned anything in life it’s that politics and money go hand in hand. There’s no way they would want to give up that tax revenue.

  2. Lynne says :

    DK, yes, I do agree with you, and it is a symptom of dissatisfaction among the people in the US, and the result of a president who has been divisive from his first moment in office. In spite of being the first African American president in the US, he has played up racial divisions. He has not worked in any way to bring harmony to the people of the US. He has spent far too much time with celebrities, and far too little time with people in the US who truly need his help and his focus to make their lives better. He has lived lavishly while ignoring the plight of those who are truly unfortunate. No leadership at all. Typical sociopathic politicians not making a positive difference.

  3. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check email.

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