I’m not sure this air conditioner was a good thing. I am always freezing or burning to death by turns (literally every few minutes I’m wrapping covers around myself shivering and then needing to fling them off and then going into deep freeze mode again as the sweat starts drying). The contrast seems worse than when I was simply hot and then combustible hot. Having the cold is probably not helping things. Actually, I think it might be a second cold as I was nearly over the sinus infection, at that point where you are still stuffy but feel fine otherwise and then fever, aches, sneezing like a banshee and blam it is full on again. The kids next door are down sick and I’m thinking those green beans little Leia insisted on passing over with her fingers for me to munch may have passed over some germs along with them.

I’m running an errand then coming back and crashing out, dragging myself to meet with a student and then crashing out. Trying to work on putting lectures together for the fall semester and crashing out without getting much done on them. Sorry to complain but this sucks.


3 responses to “achoo”

  1. Lynne says :

    If you have fever, you should go to the med center. It sounds like you have a secondary infection now and need to be evaluated in case you need antibiotics or supportive medication of some type. Go!

  2. tddpirate says :

    Joining the sympathy party and tsumi (tsumi = צומי = short of תשומת לב which means attention) contributions drive:

    It looks like you need to adjust the airconditioner’s thermostat so that it’ll maintain whatever temperature that is comfortable for you.

    • Lynne says :

      TDDPirate, good idea. Maybe run it at a higher temperature, not the coolest one. Might be more comfortable. Use fans in the room, too, to keep the air circulating.

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