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Good food for thought: Obama’s Successful Foreign Failure
The president may look incompetent on Syria. But his behavior fits his strategy to weaken America abroad.

U.S. ranks 17th among world’s happiest countries, but ISRAEL RANKS 11TH in happiness with much better daily life satisfaction (and G-d knows that is true)

Egypt tightens Sinai security

Archeologists make Magnificent Torah find at Temple Mount –as Netanyahu said, “This is a magnificent discovery. Nationally, it attests to the ancient Jewish presence and to the sanctity of the place; this is as clear as the sun and it is tremendous.”


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  1. XSAGal says :

    Good grief
    such a rightist pro settlement paper

    • israeliminx says :

      Build, baby, build.

      • XSAGal says :



        • Lynne says :

          Hi, XSA Gal, I’m not sure what I think about the building issue. Maybe the time to build is not during negotiations, but honestly when have the Palestinians agreed to any reasonable offer under ideal conditions in the past? Not to say that there are not many reasonable, wonderful, brilliant Palestinians who would be great peace partners if they were in positions of power and leadership. But the leaders that are in power are corrupt and benefit from the conflict. Some are just crazy with blind hatred and evil intentions. No real peace partners.
          My understanding is that the areas where new building will take place is not at all in disputed areas. Also, seldom reported is the fact that housing is also being built for Arab Israelis in many areas, too.
          Until the Palestinians agree to live in peace, to stop the hatred against Jews, and recognize their right to even LIVE, there can be no peace.

          • XSAGal says :

            I believe that Netanyahu isn’t really in negotiating mode . He is excellent in rhetorical speak but not quite ready to get down to nitty gritty .

            As for Palestinian’s , when they see that Netanyahu as messing them about they they kinda lose hope and say to heck with it all.

            This is bad for both sides .

            Sorry as I have written before . This blog is more on the right side of the political scale. I am more centre – Left

  2. Lynne says :

    XSAGal, no matter where your beliefs are on the political spectrum, I believe that your comments are welcome here. Your comments are worth reading, and debate is healthy for all of us. If we agree or disagree, we can say so. I have moved more to the Center, probably Center Right over the years after being on the Far Left during my university years and continuing for a long time, though I began that process of questioning during my grad school program in Political Sociology. Many of my views remain liberal and totally out of sync with the Right, but politically I tend to be more Center-Right on other matters. I guess I really do not fit neatly into any category, more independent.
    I agree with you that negotiating in good faith is critically important, and also I think that as long as there is the extreme hatred of Jews, particularly Israelis, but really and truly all Jews among a large segment of the world, there is little hope for fairness, open cooperation on important matters, and any progress toward peace. It’s not just Israel, you know. Where can Jews live in peace and safety in the Middle East? There were thriving Jewish communities in many countries, but the Jews were murdered or had to flee for their lives. Where are the Jews in Lebanon? Are there Jews in Egypt? I am friends with a young woman from Paris, and she now lives in Austin, Texas. Her mother had to flee as a girl from Egypt. Many in her family were killed and all their property confiscated. They left with the clothes they were wearing and nothing else, and lucky to get out alive. As long as there is that kind of hatred, there can be no good faith negotiations. The settlement issue is mainly an excuse. At times when all conditions for negotiation were favorable, when the Israeli leadership offered MORE than the Palestinians asked, the offers for peace and settlement of boundaries were turned down completely–and worse, terrorism toward innocent civilians. It is the intolerance in the Middle East that will not allow peace, and I mean intolerance of others at all. Now the Christians are being targeted in so many countries. There is the Shia-Sunni conflict. It is intolerance and blind hatred of others that is the critical problem.
    Many are benefiting from the conflict, and if that were not the case, then international pressure could make peace happen by absolutely not putting up with terrorism and bad faith among leaders–any leaders on any side.
    I hope that you will take my comments in the spirit of debate and not criticism of you.

    • XSAGal says :

      so you say that because the Arabs in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon ect… kicked the jews out our behaviour towards them (Palestinians) is ok ?(btw the Jews were treated quite fairly in those countries up till ww2 (if I remember correctly) .They seemed to have been quite well off until then when they were forced to flee.

      We here in Israel did the similar thing when we forced the Palistinians to flee (or tricked them in believing that they could return some day) ..

      Anyway that is History .. I believe that its time to look forward and move on to trying to solve todays problem ..

      Personally I don’t trust Netanyahu .. don’t trust and believe that he is ready, willing and able to make some maybe painful compromises . The Palestinians in my opinion are thinking mostly the same.

      • Lynne says :

        XSA Gal, You entirely missed my point. I am saying that because of blind, virulent hatred towards Jews, that there are many Palestinians who will never want to live peacefully with Jewish neighbors. And, that the intolerance in general within the Middle East towards those who worship or believe differently is an obstacle to peace within other Arab countries. There are no more Jews in Lebanon, but it is on the brink of civil war. Nope, no Jews in Syria, but all hell is breaking loose there. How well are the Christians doing in Egypt now…but they may have been doing well up until WWII as well. As in the case of the Jews, the Christians lived with danger and intolerance until violence against them drove them out or killed them, or made their lives insecure and dangerous. And that is happening among the various groups in the Middle East and not just Jews and Christians. Intolerance.

        No, I don’t believe in mistreating Palestinians at all. Period. And, it seems that the Arab-Israelis that live in Israel are treated very well. Has it escaped your notice that they live in security and safety, that they worship as they please without interference, they own businesses that thrive, they often hold high government offices, and that they are free and secure in Israel? I do not see the hatred toward Palestinians within Israel. There is not the indoctrination of hatred, systematically aimed at children to hate them as there is in Gaza, Saudi Arabia, and other countries where this hatred is promoted in children’s textbooks.

        You say, “Anyway that is history” …yes, it is, and it is relevant and it is fueling the hatred in the Middle East which is so destructive. It’s not over; it’s present and toxic, a barrier to good will and good faith negotiations.
        Painful compromises have been offered time and again, and as I said, more offered by the Israelis than was asked, and yet peaceful solutions have been turned down. I remember the optimism in Israel when the Jews left every single square inch of Gaza in hope of starting a peace process, but were met with even more violence and terrorism. Painful compromises and actions of good will met with blind hatred and terror.

        I have Palestinian friends who have their own concerns, who want peace and change, but they would not agree with your assessment of the situation. They would like to pursue peace; they have no faith in their leaders.

        Do you even live in Israel at all?

        • XSAGal says :

          I do live in Israel (in the Sharon region )I am also an X South African {hence the nick name I chose}
          I assume you live in the states? Do you visit the holy Land (AKA Israel) at all ?
          As I wrote we are in different places on the Political scale so we see things very differently .
          (BTW I am an Israeli.. both my parents did the Army {I made Aliah after conscription age so I was excused)..

          • Lynne says :

            Well, we do see Israel and the situation differently, that is for sure. I agree with you that authentic good will need to be present, positive, and conspicuous on the part of Israel and that anything that can be done to improve the lives of Palestinians should be done. There are many things that have happened in the recent past that did not receive the notice that would have been beneficial, like the Israelis helping businessmen from Gaza attend a business conference in Ramallah (arranging transportation and ease of travel), health initiatives for Palestinians who need care in Israel, and the like. Cooperation and good will are so important, and you and I agree on that, I believe.
            Yes, I visit Israel regularly since my daughter lives there. I would like to visit more often really.
            I do like your nickname!

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