When even Slate goes after him you know Obama is in clueless land

Can we say incoherent foreign policy? Yes, why Yes We Can! Obama is speaking loudly and carrying an unbelievably small stick. I mean, you know it is bad when the most Obamabot of rags Slate runs an article titled “Dazed and Confused: If your foreign policy has to be rescued by a dictator, you are doing it wrong

To make matters worse, it was an off-hand quip by John Kerry that brought Putin riding in to the rescue …only it isn’t really a rescue, of course. Nope, it is a “You are a fricking idiot” win for Russia and the proposed new solution is no solution.

I mean, does anyone believe that, even if Assad wanted to, he could collect up all the chemical and probably biological warfare devices that have by now been hidden in among civilian abodes and mosques across the country, transport them, and deliver them to…whoever…all while there is bloody fighting on every street corner and with neighbourhoods, towns and regions being ping pong balls as far as who is in control, Assad’s military or the insurgents, today compared to yesterday?

Go ahead and laugh because America has truly become the butt of the world’s joke. Just unbelievable. Remember all those folks who pshawed and were like, how much damage could one guy do in just eight years? Obama has managed a doozy of damage in just five so far…with three more to go, g-d help us all.


6 responses to “When even Slate goes after him you know Obama is in clueless land”

  1. Jake from Philly says :

    “…it was an off-hand quip by John Kerry… ”

    I find myself wondering if it was really an off-hand quip or if it was intentional, to give Obama a way to back off from the military strike threat, thereby saving him from this dilemma he got himself into.

    “…does anyone believe that, even if Assad wanted to, he could collect up all the chemical and probably biological warfare devices…”

    No, but the people who would benefit from this can pretend that they believe it. Again, this enables the Obamabots to say “see, we made sure something was done about this situation.”

    It is, of course, a load of nonsense. Anyone who’s been paying attention and is willing to see the truth can see that. But there are still lots of people who see what they want to see, and some of them will buy this.

    • Lynne says :

      Jake, what I find astonishing is the replies from the government officials on many recent matters of worry…replies that are evasive and do not remotely answer the questions asked, but many journalists are not pursuing and pushing for reasonable answers,.But perhaps I should say that seems to be changing now and there are more questions and pushing back against the absurdities from the Obama Administration.
      I read from a wide selection of media sources this morning and mostly —and this is a huge change—the reporting was not favorable for Obama’s handling of this. Worse, many foreign media sources say that Russia has dominated this issue, leading the way, and furthermore, undercutting US security by now offering to sell and put in place more dangerous weapons to Iran, a missile shield, more assistance for Syria, among the other steps that they have already taken such as giving weapons to both Iran and Syria and putting their military destroyers near the US ships in the area.
      I worry about the big picture longer term with alliances, powerful alliances, among America’s sworn enemies such as Iran and North Korea, and those who oppose the US in sly ways such as Russia and China and many other countries in Africa and the Middle East.
      Admittedly it is a complex situation, never handled well by any of our government leaders, but made much worse, it seems, under Obama.
      I cannot imagine Russia actually helping remove those chemical weapons, in the middle of a civil war, with fighting all over the place. Would the UN do it? US troops? How can this be done practically? I cannot see how it can be done. It looks like a stall and a mess.

      • Mike says :


        The questions you ask at the end get to the heart of the issue. Nobody can answer them because this came about from Kerry shooting his mouth off in public without thinking of the ramifications.

        The whole plan is half baked, but Obama has no choice but to go with it since he was headed for a defeat in congress that would have killed his presidency and rendered him irrelevant not just internationally, but domestically as well. I think he’s made himself irrelevant on the international stage anyway.

        And of course he did all this in a manner that managed to f#$k over the Jews again. He called AIPAC, ADL, etc. for help with congress and so now every Jew hater will point to that lobbying as proof the Joos tried to get us into another war. Of course the Jewish groups didn’t have to jump on board Obama’s sinking ship, but then again, I suspect the offer he made them was much like the offer Brando made in “The Godfather.”

        I know there’s a tendency see all this as part of some grand Obama plan, but for that to happen it would mean that Obama and his administration are actually capable making decisions, strategic thinking and making a plan. I see no evidence they can do any of that.

        I would say Obama is incompetent, but I don’t want to insult incompetent people.

        • israeliminx says :

          Mike, you are spot on. You know, Bibi told the Knesset on Saturday evening that we can no longer count on the U.S. at all and that we are going to have to use our own counsel and ourselves alone regarding Iran’s nuke development.

        • Lynne says :

          Mike, I agree with you, and guess what? The media worldwide is reporting Obama’s mishandling of this and the fact that Putin is “in charge”. It is a huge mess and as you say, no grand Obama plan. A mess!

    • israeliminx says :

      Jake, no it was really off-hand. In fact, it was so off-hand that the Obama administration did a whole bunch of ‘walking it back,’ and issued statements saying that Kerry misspoke until Russia jumped on it. Then they started walking back their walking back and Kerry issued a statement saying he didn’t misspeak! It is like a damn comedy show.

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