immigration reform good for big business

So check this, Hewlett Packard laid off nearly 30,000 American workers last year and yet has just sent a letter to Congress stating that immigration reform must be initiated to bring in more foreign workers because “Even with the economy still recovering, many of our companies continue to have difficulty finding sufficient American workers to fill certain lesser-skilled positions,” said the Sept. 10 letter signed by HP’s CEO and roughly 120 other executives at major companies (most of which have also laid off and are planning to lay off thousands of U.S. workers). “Our global competitors understand that attracting top talent from around the world is vital to a country’s economic success.”

First, anyone see a disconnect here between “lesser skilled workers” and “top talent?”

Here’s what the letter really means: We want cheap labor. We’d prefer to bring in the cheap labor here rather than incurring the cost of moving our operations abroad to go to the source of cheap labor.


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