Iran, Hezbollah aggressively recruiting Latin American terrorists to infiltrate U.S. border

Stratfor, Global Security Studies, and a variety of newspaper articles over the last several months that were ignored by the mainstream media have been reporting that Iran and Hezbollah have been actively recruiting terrorists out of places like Guatemala for the past several years and that their recruitment efforts have stepped up significantly of late. These terrorists then infiltrate the U.S. via the Mexican border in Texas and in Arizona and hang out in sleeper cells. As you may recall, there have been a host of terrorists in separate incidents that were captured before they could carry out attacks in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio etc in the last several years — these were Arab nationals who crossed into the U.S via the Mexican border. They’ve gone more sophisticated with their recruitment and are bringing in radicalized Muslim converts from a variety of Latin American countries.

They’ve developed firm relationships with the major drug cartels in Mexico and have established bases in Mexico close to the border. They are not only shipping along terrorists, some of whom infiltrate into the U.S. and some of whom have set up the bases in Mexico, work as liasons with the drug cartels and so forth, but they are also shipping along significant weaponry. In exchange for cooperation and aid, they are arming the major drug cartels. They are also bringing things like rocket-propelled launchers to their bases on the Mexican border and smuggling in weapons and components for bombs etc into the U.S.


One response to “Iran, Hezbollah aggressively recruiting Latin American terrorists to infiltrate U.S. border”

  1. Lynne says :

    There is that connection which is worrisome. The US borders are not secure at all. I am not one of those who objects to those who slip across the border from Mexico and South America to try to find better lives, but I do realize the serious risk of insecure borders.

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