I was supposed to bring the two little girls (Missy and Sparkle) to the vet to be spayed today. I managed to get two carriers cleaned and ready for them yesterday, got them into the carriers at midnight so that they would not have access to food or water before the surgery, and this morning got ready to head out. I gave a call to let them know I was on the way…and they said, oh, but you’ll have to pick them up before 4 as we are closing then for the holiday. YIKES. I’ve got student meetings from noon until 7! I’ve just released them into the wild of the apartment and rescheduled their surgeries for Sunday when the vet is next open. The holidays are generally my absolutely favourite time of the year but this year they are simply wreaking havoc on getting things done to meet deadlines imposed by the non-Israeli world that I’ve been scrambling to meet when put atop the regular, daily stuff that you have to make accommodations for with the limited working hours etc. What sucks is that this will be my last year for a long while to enjoy the holidays and I am beyond not enjoying them.


2 responses to “damn”

  1. Erin Rawls says :

    Really wishing I could enjoy the holidays. As you know the non-jewish people who run the shows here in the US frown upon those of us who work in the secular world who also want to observe holidays. Hell, most people (shockingly this includes some jews) don’t even know what Sukkot or Simchas Torah are even about. Sigh. I have GOT to learn Hebrew so I can get a job and move to Israel!

    • israeliminx says :

      Erin, yes, being outside of Israel utterly sux as far as the holidays are concerned. You’d have to use every sick day and then some if you wanted to observe them and even then to say that it is just not the same is the understatement of the year. The same can be said for just daily life. Being a Jew, even a 100% secular Jew, outside of Israel is like living with having 98% of your life force drained away with everyday life just a pale carbon copy that can barely be deciphered.

      You don’t need to learn Hebrew before you arrive, though every bit of fluency does help. I’d suggest doing what I did not and that is spending your first six months here doing intensive ulpan and not working during that time. I started working (in English) just a couple of weeks after I got here, before I’d even found an apartment, and so was able to do ulpan only a couple of days a week and as a fifth or sixth level priority … it seriously impaired me over the long haul and I still struggle with hebrew that is not as good as my German was after living in Germany for only 9 months but using very little English during that time. My German is still better than my Hebrew and I haven’t spoken in German for years, but still dream in it often and enjoy reading novels, watching movies etc in it pretty regularly.

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