Khomeini Kool Aid

Obama is drinking the Iranian kool aid. Anyone surprised?

If you are in the U.S. get ready for your electric bills to sky rocket. The O administration has just passed restrictive new regulations that will essentially keep any new coal plants from opening in the country and the regulations they are rolling out for January will cause major shutdowns of existing coal plants and rising costs for production. Oh yeah, these regulations are based on the idea that carbon emissions cause global warming — you know that thing that, it has just come out, the Obama administration had scientists suppress data that seems to show isn’t happening. They left an email trail.


8 responses to “Khomeini Kool Aid”

  1. Lynne says :

    And was it only the US, or were other countries also involved? I think that Germany and the UK were also asking scientists to delete and modify their findings. The Obama Administration was the leader in this effort, of course!

    • Mac says :

      To be fair to the”O”, this trail of lies started before this admin.. They just advanced the agenda. As far as Khomeini kool-aid is concerned, Obama walked into the room with a straw in his mouth. I’m pretty sure I heard sucking sounds….

      • Lynne says :

        Mac, absolutely. I totally agree with your comment!

        • XSAGal says :

          I must say that after hearing Obama’s speech in the UN assembly I am so impressed !
          Totally Up there with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ex president Nelson Mandela (S.African Pres’).

          I was drinking up his every word

          • Lynne says :

            Hi, XSAGal. If you read the US media sources now and have since 2008, you will have noticed the extreme bias toward Obama in the past…but that is shifting. I have read many mainstream media sources who have had interviews with foreign policy experts with impeccable credentials and extensive foreign policy experience, and almost all of them are speaking out about Obama’s presidency and his failed foreign policy. I was even shocked to read the lead article in Time Magazine, formerly so pro-Obama in every respect that they would not print a word of criticism, now outspoken about the severe damage that Obama has done to the Middle East and to weaken America (the author, Joel Klein was a staunch Obama supporter in the past). Obama’s handling of the situation in Syria through Kerry) is such a shambles that it cannot be defended, and his speech at the UN was no more than an unsuccessful attempt at damage control.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    It seems the world, not only the US, is so blind to the Iranian propaganda while the several thousands of Iranian uranium centrifuges are daily running at full speed with the only goal of creating nuclear materials for nuclear bombs!!

    It is this new Iranian president who was the one to brag how he had deceived the West with talks only to delay any action from the Iranians!

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