Israeli soldier murdered by Palestinian “friend”

Tomer Hazan, a young Israeli soldier, had forged a close friendship with a Palestinian man he worked with at a restaurant in Bat Yam. They talked on the phone, got together after work, and on Friday Tomer accompanied Nidal Amar to his home village to, he thought, meet his friend’s family. Instead, Nidal, it looks like some of Nidal’s brothers but certainly other people were involved in the planning, murdered the young soldier and hid his body, planning to use his body as a hostage to barter freedom for a terrorist family member from an Israeli jail.


2 responses to “Israeli soldier murdered by Palestinian “friend””

  1. Lynne says :

    Murderous betrayal that is so difficult to understand.

  2. dumbledoresarmy says :

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Reread Quran 48:29 and then look up a core Islamic principle called ‘al wala wa al bara’ – ‘loyalty and enmity’. There’s a Hadith that reads “we smile at some people, though our hearts hate them”. Then find out what happened to Sebastien Selam, a Jewish guy in Paris who thought the Muslim guy he worked with in a music club was his friend. Then read Mark Durie’s article “Insider Killings in Afghanistan”

    It’s this kind of thing that makes Islam so thoroughly creepy. .

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