sleepwalking into a police state

Anyone else see what is wrong with this picture in the U.S.: Earlier this week a father was escorted out of a public Q and A with the school board by a police officer and arrested …because he asked a question about the new Common Core that the school board members didn’t like –essentially asking if it were not dumbing down the curriculum. As he was being escorted out, he asked the other parents “why are you just sitting here like cattle?” when only a few protested that he should be allowed to speak and there was no cause to remove him. Why, indeed.

Then today two kids were suspended from school, will possibly be expelled, and will have on their permanent school records that they were disciplined for using firearms …because they were playing with toy guns IN THEIR OWN YARD. Right. Not at school. Not at the school bus stop. Not on the school bus. In their own front yard.


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  1. Lynne says :

    It is insanity. I read that the guns were “soft guns” so I wondered if these were those little Nerf guns?

  2. dkaplan73 says :

    Yeah, I saw both of these stories and watched the videos.

    Regarding the school incident, I frankly have a hard time sympathizing with the guy because I don’t have kids yet I’m forced to pay taxes to educate other people’s kids. That said, I don’t agree with Common Core because it was developed largely by corporate interests. While being able to get a job is important, many people would rather have a more well rounded education that includes non-corporate subjects like humanities, literature and social sciences. On the other hand, the guy in the video was droning on and on, interrupting the board and failed to ask his question about two minutes into his monologue. He had made his point, previously, and I think most people understood that. But, he wanted to continue forever and that was disrespectful to others. So was calling other people “cattle”. Just because someone doesn’t agree or feel as passionately about something doesn’t mean they’re passive herds. Nor does insulting people help one’s cause.

    The gun issue is – interesting. The gun in question isn’t a “Nerf” gun. It’s soft pellet gun similar to a BB gun but using plastic pellets. It’s not particularly dangerous and it won’t break skin or really even bruise. But, it’s straddles a grey area between toy and weapon. That said, when I was a kid we openly played with BB guns and other toys that would be considered dangerous by today’s standards. Occasionally, we did get hurt. But, the cops were almost never involved and parents usually were understanding.

    Dave K from Philly

    • Lynne says :

      David, thank you for the information on the school incident. It sounds as if the guy was just insufferable and inconsiderate. If he was droning on and on, he was taking time from others and being disruptive. I wonder if it warranted an arrest…but if he continued in that line, perhaps it did. It certainly sounds as if he was an inconsiderate clod. If he cared about the issue, he would not influence anyone with that kind of obnoxious behavior.
      Ah, the kids. I would feel better if it were a Nerf gun, rather than a soft pellet gun. Those can be dangerous. I just read that the neighbor called the police so the part of the story that we don’t know about is that the kid could have been a complete brat and menace to the neighborhood. That said, I can see the police being involved, but I doubt the school has reasons to interfere, unless the guns were firing pellets that were reaching the bus stop. That is possible. More concerning is why weren’t the parents supervising this kid and what was happening in their yard? David, you and your friends were likely playing in an appropriate way, and perhaps these kids really weren’t.
      From these news accounts, it is often difficult to get enough information to get a true picture of what was happening. Your information made it a bit clearer, for sure!

      • dkaplan73 says :


        I’m not sure why the guy was charged. He didn’t appear to have laid his hands on the officer/security guard. The cop was all over him though. Maybe something happened outside of the school or whatever… the video doesn’t show that so I’m not sure.

        All I know is, if I ever get married and have kids, I totally want my wife to be a stay-at-home mom and to home school the kids. 😉 I’m not even joking… drugs, booze, crime, shootings, bullies, teachers who indoctrinate, teachers who molest… and now a teaching curriculum that appears fundamental biased and flawed. It’s crazy.

        Yeah, there’s always three sides to a story… the kid’s side, the police’s side and the truth. I think you’re right in that the kid probably was acting like a brat and got caught. Now, the kids mom is pulling the “my kid’s an angel” thing. If you watch the new video he talks about some kid from the neighborhood that came over (I think the kid of the woman who called the police) and he appears to defend himself against something unknown that happened. Sounds to me like the kid was being a bully, the gun came out, maybe he shot the kid and the kid told his mom.

        With the school, I’m not sure. I know you’re a teacher so you’d know better than me. But, I think if a kid does commit a crime – especially something involving guns and bullying – aren’t they within their rights to take action against the kid even if it happened off school grounds? I didn’t think you had to be on school grounds when you commit a crime for the school to be involved.

        Again, you’d know better than me.

        • Lynne says :

          David, I am not sure what the consequences of committing a crime are in regard to school. I imagine it depends on the school rules and the type of crime committed. I taught in a high school and worked with some of the kids who had probation officers…there were some horrible kids at school, but those I was fortunate enough to work with were not in that category. They were in school and their legal issues were more or less minor, at least not violent.
          I agree with you. I would home school the kids, and I wish I’d home schooled mine. I wasn’t a teacher then but i got a good view of school and what I saw, I didn’t like. I didn’t like the view from the inside much either, though I will say that I was fortunate to work in two very superior schools out of about 8 different assignments. It was pure luck. The other schools were unacceptable for all the reasons that you listed.

        • israeliminx says :

          DK, I think it is the daily caller that has the full video of the school board incident but I’m not sure; I watched a much longer than the short version floating around on most sites. The reason he was ‘going on and on’ was that when he tried to ask his question, which was originally pretty succinct and expressed concerns particularly about the fact that the guy who was supposed to be in charge of designing the math aspect resigned under protest that even basic math principles were not being included the school board members kept interrupting him and saying he was out of order and that they were only taking questions that had been submitted in writing … but they had only been selecting questions that had been supportive of the new curriculum (at least half of the people there were there because they were upset about the curriculum and none of the questions they submitted had been ‘selected’ to be addressed and it had gotten to the very last few minutes of the Q and A. when he finally stood up).

  3. Mac says :

    Well, any complaints to the board were supposed to be in writing, not verbal…… how dare someone actually get to address the board members face to face…. It’s not like they serve the community or anything like that….

  4. Lynne says :

    For the school to get involved in a matter that took place at the child’s home, seems unusual. It would not be unusual, I think, for the school to take some kind of action if some type of violence took place. Many kids in the US get into minor legal trouble, and their situation is made known to the school, their issues handled in court, a probation officer assigned, etc., and definitely I think that the school would be informed. … but I think it rare that the school would get involved by ordering a suspension, except in the case of a serious legal issue or a situation involving violence. In that case, I would imagine that the student would be sent to an “alternative school” with a highly restrictive environment and rules. I wonder if the student in this case had a history of serious issues? Perhaps the fact that a neighbor called the police and the police were involved was the deciding factor?
    David, and, what about those guns? Are those things dangerous? It they are like BB guns, then I think that they may be capable of causing injury.
    Be good if we were given more information about the situation.

    • tddpirate says :

      In Israel, several schools meddle with their students’ families’ lifestyles. They dictate not only the students’ behavior but also their parents’ behavior.
      I refer to the religious public schools and to the Haredi schools. They require the students’ families to follow a certain (school determined) standard of religious observance.

      If you followed me in Facebook, you’d see my cursing the deceased “Rabbi” Elyashiv in the foulest manner possible. His grave sin was to forbid Haredi schools under his control from admitting students whose parents use “non-Kosher” cellphones i.e. cellphones which have unblocked SMS, video or Internet access functions. It is the SMS blocking that roused my ire, as it prevents deaf people from communicating with the parents in question.

      • Lynne says :

        TDDPirate, there are schools in the US, too, that meddle in students’ lives, and these are mostly private religious schools. The bigger problem here is the reluctance of public schools to pick up the phone and call child protection when there are serious reasons to do so.

        • Tiger Mike says :

          My wife has called the athorities a number of times. it is unusual if anything is done. (She is a kindergarten teacher in a city school)

          • Lynne says :

            Tiger Mike, I have called several times myself, whether or not the school administration thought it necessary. Child Protection (only in name and not in actions) very seldom did anything. In fact, I cannot think of one single time that they did anything helpful for the child. I had worked for about two years as a mentor for child protection staff—an unbelievably incompetent group of people overall and a failed agency. Sigh.
            If a child has a good teacher at school, that is often the most important link for that child to help, consistency and normalcy. That is not always the case that the teacher is caring, but when a teacher is, it is a wonderful help for the child and often the only help. I imagine that your wife is that type of caring and supportive teacher.

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Not to mention the horrors stories with the crazy NSA surveillance program, the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi scandal, etc., all under Obama’s administration!!
    The Democrats while in power have acted like they are nothing less than dictators, certainly not democrats.

    Then, there are the TRUE facts related to Obama:
    —forged short and long birth certificates,
    —forged service call card,
    —Obama currently using a social security number from a dead Connecticut man,
    —proof that he applied as a foreign student when he applied for financial aid,
    —and more.
    When one mentions these true facts, he/she is derided by being called a birther!!
    All these facts are true facts, proven rationally with various documents that any critical thinker would acknowledge as being sufficient to declare these facts as being true facts.
    I do not know when these true facts will be fully and legally recognized in the US as being true facts but it is only a matter of when, not of if!!
    When these true facts about Obama will be legally fully recognized, it will explode in the face of Obama and of the Democrats in the US.
    But rest assured for those still believing in Obama, he managed to con the American people for now several years and he has gotten the full support of every single judge who was made aware of these true facts, even of the judges of the Supreme Court so far. So, the fight for the uncovering of these true facts will take time and it will not be easy at all!!
    The conclusion about these true facts is that the USA is not a democratic state when its legal system is so corrupt that not a single rational judge in the USA has allowed the full discovery of these true facts when various cases against Obama have been brought to the courts. That is quite shocking to me but that is the very sad reality in the US. Not to mention the financial resources needed to fight during several years, if not a decade or more for the uncovering of these true facts related to Obama as well as the time involved to keep fighting for these true facts to be fully acknowledged legally as being true in the US.

  6. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, Check email.

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