Ach the garden

It has been several days since I’ve been able to do anything with the garden and those days of neglect have proved to be the end for a number of the plants, plus the two kittens have trounced a number of others in their play (bye bye to two pepper plants and three okra that they’ve flattened). I got everything watered pretty thoroughly today and took stock. This weekend I hope to get some collards, lettuce, and spinach started from seed for the fall and to transplant out several replacement sweet peppers.

I’ve got seven eggplant, five sweet peppers, a thyme (the only remaining thyme not killed by the ‘official gardeners’) and the nana that are going like gangbusters despite the neglect. Two of the bush zucchini are flowering (something is eating the other two), all three of the lavenders are doing ok and one is doing fabulous, and two of the okra are hanging in there. Both the oregano and mint are flowering and I’m going to let them finish before trimming them back. I need to start new tomato plants from seed for the spring. Three of the toms are still flowering and setting fruit but the toms they are producing are not high quality in this second harvest of them. Only three green bean plants have come up out of the 19 seeds I planted (the whole package) and none of them are looking robust. I’ve got a lot of weeding to do this weekend as well.


2 responses to “Ach the garden”

  1. Lynne says :

    Your Fall garden may be more productive than the one last summer even. Try Roquette, too, which does best in Fall and early Spring.

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