Yesterday I was a happy slug and got a bit done in the garden (planted lettuce, arugula, 5 ‘big’ tomato seeds, and collard greens. I didn’t get to the malabar red spinach because I’m not sure yet where to put them), some apartment cleaning done, and …that is pretty much it. I slept for nearly 17 hours, falling asleep before my late lunch/dinner finished heating.

Today I was up before the birds. I watered all the plants and fed the outside cats, fed the inside cats, and managed to get the sink unclogged (I washed one of the living room rugs yesterday and that was disastrous for the draining of the kitchen sink) before 9 a.m. Then I went to my bank to find out why the arnona folks were sending threatening ‘you owe us money’ letters and discovered it was because when I moved in four years ago and set up the automatic payment with them, I gave them a bank credit card that expired and was replaced last January but the automatic payments on it did not get automatically replaced. Argh. I had to instansto send all the back payments I owed and now have to go and re-do all the forms (pick them up at Arnona central, take them to the bank, and then return them to Arnona central).

Then I went to meet with a kid who wanted to be tutored but obviously didn’t really because he never showed up and I waited for an hour past our meeting time. He didn’t answer his phone. He’d scheduled three hours of tutoring and so I twiddled my thumbs until my next kid arrived. I’ve hit an internet cafe for this update and will meet with another tutoree at 8:30. I’ve got to start packing knitting or cross-stitching etc projects when I head out to tutor.


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  1. Lynne says :

    Unless the kid who cancelled had a really good excuse, I would not give him a second chance. You don’t need your time wasted. It sounds as if you day yesterday was relaxing and restful, something that I imagine happens seldom in your hectic schedule. It was productive, too!

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