Obama you’ve gone too far: Amber Alert system shut down

The Obama administration, whose officials have stated that they “don’t care how long the shutdown lasts” and are trying to make the American public feel the pain as much as possible, have just gone a step too far in my book.

It is one thing to make Americans feel the pain by closing parks and even private businesses operating just outside them –sticking it to people twice in many cases as the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for hundreds of police now patrolling sites that don’t usually have any security at all to make sure no citizen wanders onto a bit of federally-funded land –but it is quite another to extend and morph that pain into the pain that will be felt when children are murdered and raped because they’ve now shut down the Amber Alert system that kicks into action when a child is abducted. The Amber Alert system most recently led to the successful safe recovery of Hannah Andersen who was kidnapped by a family friend who had murdered her mother and little brother to delay reports of her abduction coming out. 75% of children who are abducted by strangers are killed within the first 3 hours of being taken and almost 90% within the the following three days and so getting an Amber Alert out to the public when a child is snatched is of critical importance to being able to recover the child before they are killed.

Yet the DOJ can’t pay the one guy needed. or have someone who is still being paid just put the details of the latest child snatched on the Federal Amber Alert website? Right it is closed. Give me a break. Playing politics with parks is one thing, playing politics with childrens’ lives is quite another.

Oh but Michelle Obama’s baby “Let’s Move” federal website to keep kids from getting fat is still up and running.


8 responses to “Obama you’ve gone too far: Amber Alert system shut down”

  1. Lynne says :

    The Obama Administration is the most corrupt and vile in our history, and even the NYT had an article about it recently. Even the Liberal, Left-leaning media is beginning to realize that they cannot continue to ignore this fact.

  2. Lynne says :

    I just read in the Washington Times, that park rangers have been ordered to keep people out of privately owned and run businesses like inns, restaurants, marinas, etc.

  3. israeliminx says :

    They are throwing people out of privately owned homes because they sit on federal land == they are giving the families 24 hours to get out! These people OWN these homes. http://www.ktnv.com/news/local/Lake-Mead-Property-Owners-Forced-Out-Until-Gov-Shutdown-Ends-226557661.html

  4. israeliminx says :

    They’ve put the website back up. Here is their lame excuse that no one with more than a 5th grade education could believe: They recalled the furloughed worker to put the website back up, but the website only provides static information and doesn’t need any updating because it doesn’t list actual Amber Alerts….Ohhhhhhkayyyy. If that is the case, then why was the website taken down to begin with?

    Consider my blog — whether I’m away or simply too busy to check in and update, my website is still here with all the information I’ve put on it for the past however-long. If you furlough the guy who oversees a website with static information that doesn’t change then there is no reason the website should be taken down when he is sent home without pay and a “this site has been shut due to the government shutdown” notice to be put in place. Send him home and let the static website just continue to sit there –it doesn’t need him around after all. If he is being paid to simply make sure the website is still there, then he shouldn’t have a job to begin with.

    • Lynne says :

      If one listens to ANY of the interviews with people from the Obama Administration, starting with Jay Carney, it’s clear that there is evasion, as well as double-talk, lies and more lies that are so absurd that it is appalling, however, it seems that few “journalists” confront them, and far too many American people fail to question these ridiculous statements, explanations, and assertions.
      The reason that the site was put back up is that there was a huge outcry from Americans, which the Obama Admin. could not ignore without damaging themselves further.
      Stand by for more relevations about absurdities, lies and poor decisions. No doubt they are coming from this administration that seems to have an endless supply of bad decisions, falsehoods, and mismanagement.

  5. Tiger Mike says :

    I am in Honolulu right now. I wanted to go to the Arizona memorial. But it’s “closed” with park police there to keep anyone from looking at the open air displays. The Battleship Missouri is run by a private foundation and is still open. But their shuttlebus stop is in the National Park area. So they had to set up a tent across the street from the Arizona memorial visitors center.

    Fortunatly you can stt the Arizona from the pier at which the Missori is moored.

    I did see the NPS boat, which carries people from the visitors center, go to the arizonia and back. It was empty. But it was operating.

    All the stories I am reading about the NPS is making them look like Nazis. They are “just following orders”.

    • Lynne says :

      Tiger Mike, I agree. I hate that the mainstream media continues to distort and ignore these things, and of course, managing to try to blame the Republicans.

  6. tddpirate says :

    According to Snopes, Amber Alert system was not shut down:

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