a fruitful and busy day

Yesterday I was feeling quite ill and got nothing done but today I was quite productive. Classes start next week so I’m in my final ahhhhhhh gotta get this done beforetime mode. Today I managed to wash, dry, fold, and organize all of my long and three-quarter length sleeve shirts, including identifying several (sob) that I love but that the cats have managed to get their claws, and thus holes, into and so they went into the donation pile. I washed the sofa coverings and remaining sofa throw pillows. I also got half of the cat beds washed and cleaned three of the carriers the cats like to lounge in. I sorted through a box of papers from last fall semester and did a lot of recycling. I watered the garden and was happy to see some of the lettuce and collard seeds starting to just sprout! Then I had a three-hour tutoring session.

Tomorrow morning I’ve got to pick up a “big” birthday present for the little girl next door (she’s turning three) and smaller presents for her three siblings. I love that her parents do what my Ema always did for us and that is that they give presents to all of their kids on a birthday and not just to the birthday child — little ones don’t really understand why just one child is getting presents and, even when they get old enough to understand, they still experience feelings of being left out and of jealousy and so ‘guest of honour’ presents are definitely the way to go. Since they’ve taken to calling me Doda Yaeli (Aunt Yaeli) I’m definitely going to arrive bearing something for each tomorrow afternoon. I’d planned to hit a toy shop in Tel Aviv when I went in to tutor but the bus got caught in a traffic snafu and so I didn’t have time.

Tomorrow I plan to wash and organize all my work skirts and dresses and, if possible my sweaters though I’ll probably have to save those for Saturday. I’ve still got a lot more organizing and sorting to do and still some work on revamping lectures.

One response to “a fruitful and busy day”

  1. Lynne says :

    You were productive! Don’t do too much though, and do take time to rest and relax.

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