on the mark, get set, go!

Today was all about getting ready for tomorrow when I start teaching. I bought two new alarm clocks to make sure that I don’t over-sleep and will set them tonight to go off 15 minutes apart. I washed away my grey (aka coloured my hair) and trimmed my pony (bangs). I picked out the outfit to wear for tomorrow and then met with my teaching assistants. Then I had a two-hour tutoring session, from 5:15-7:15, stopped by the store to pick up fixings to make a carry-in lunch, and so got home about 20 minutes ago. I’m making a batch of southern sweet tea now so I’ll have a litre and a half to bring with me (I teach 4 courses back-to-back without a break between them and having something to wet the whistle while talking for more than 6 hours straight is critical). I still need to change out the litter boxes tonight, fix a light repast, and then hit the hay early. I always enjoy the first day of class!


3 responses to “on the mark, get set, go!”

  1. erin says :

    Have a great first day! Oh, and I trust that you made sure the sugar for your tea was really sugar this time, LOL.

  2. David K from Philly says :

    Good luck on your first day. If it helps… I have three alarms to help me get up in the morning. Two cell phones and a regular alarm clock.

  3. Lynne says :

    It sounds like you are prepared! Have a good day! Cut back on the tutoring though so that you have time for yourself.

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