lol, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

I was out trying to expand the compost pit yesterday when one of my jumps on the shovel caused it to slide down into the existing pit and toss me off. I landed on one of the rocks I’d dug out, hitting it right on my coccis. While it hurt when I landed, it wasn’t sore enough that I didn’t finish the expansion. I discovered this morning however that getting up from a prone position required quite some doing. If it hadn’t been so painful, it would have been quite funny. I gave new meaning to the term roll out of bed. Once up and moving things improve dramatically but if I sit for any length of time all the stiffness and ow factor returns on trying to rise.

I’m hoping to find time to upload the garden pictures I took last week but today I’ve got to start putting the house back together. I spent three days frantically searching for my notes and records for a class from a year ago as I’ve got two students who, on discovering they’ve got to re-take the course have launched an appeal. I was convinced that I’d tossed those records in my reorganizing craze this past summer but last night, in the very last box, I found the damn things! I guess it does pay to be a pack rat.


6 responses to “lol, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”

  1. David K from Philly says :

    Ooo..ouch! Hope you didn’t break anything, Yaeli. I have two bad discs in my lower back. I can’t tell you have painful they can get sometimes. Getting old sucks!

  2. israeliminx says :

    Oh David ouch!!! I’m pretty sure it is just bruised and the nerves are very unhappy about it. I’m much more unhappy at the moment with my freezer which seems to have stopped working. I was going to freeze a wet cloth to put ice on my lower back and discovered that everything in the freezer was on rapidly de-icing mode. I’m going to have to toss everything in there and get a fridge repair person out on Wednesday.

  3. tddpirate says :

    Is coccis what my dictionary calls coccyx? If not, which exterrestrial species are you and what is a coccis?

  4. Lynne says :

    At least you found the needed documentation!

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Here is another interesting story.
    “Arab Village Flies Nazi Flag, again” at

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