home from work and Ichilov to a broken fridge

When I got off work late this afternoon, I headed directly to Ichilov to see if I needed to see someone about the damage the fall over the weekend did. I can walk with only pretty mild discomfort. Well, that is, unless I stop walking and stand still and then if I continue on — like one must do when stopping at a street crossing waiting for the light to change — a couple of ginger steps in and a shooting pain stops you in your tracks and it takes a frozen moment of muttering curse words and barely being able to breathe before the next step can be taken. Once I’m on my way, I can walk quite quickly, almost at my normal speed which is faster than most, but definitely nothing like being able to run. The big thing is, however, that I can’t sit. I’m in a sort of crouch as I type this. But I can lay prone just fine. Well, mostly fine. Getting from prone to unprone is a different story.

So I did see a doctor. I may need another x-ray but right now the area around the very base of the tailbone (coccyx as it is correctly spelled, as Pirate pointed out, and not like I was spelling it before. I always get the spelling for the round bacteria and the tailbone crossed together) is too inflamed to tell what is what. The tailbone is not broken but it may have had some small splinters knocked off it that are making the nerves seriously unhappy. Or the nerves may just be unhappy from the inflammation and pow they experienced. I’m to rest and not aggravate the nerves as much as possible and, if things are not noticeably better in two weeks, to come back in for additional x-rays. He said it could take up to three months to be back to snuff if there aren’t any splinters and that is based on folks who can take anti-inflammatory meds. I can’t. I’m allergic to all the damn anti-inflammatory meds out there and tylenol doesn’t do a damn thing even for the headaches I occasionally get. If there are splinters, we are talking surgery.

So I got home and confirmed what I feared: It isn’t just the freezer but the entire refrigerator that has stopped refrigerating. I bought some ice last night for the sliced cheese, butter, and coffee creamer and another bag on my way home tonight just in case– good thing I did. I’ve lost not only the more than 500 sheks worth of frozen french fries, veggie hamburgers-hotdogs-chickn patties etc that I’d bought to cover the bulk of meals for the next 5 plus months but also all the things I grew from the garden and put by for the winter — 6 months worth of hot peppers and sweet peppers, my store of chopped and frozen green onions, the okra and all the soup, pasta, homemade pizza, and rice meals, along with the muffins and brownies etc. I’d baked to last me at least through the semester –but also everything in the fridge part that wasn’t sitting atop the now melted bags of ice.

I’m going to be calling in a fridge repair guy tomorrow. If he can fix it for less than 400 sheks, great. If he can’t, I sure as hell am not going to pay more or buy another fridge for only 6 months. I’m not sure what I am going to do but whatever the outcome I can’t afford to even replace what I’ve lost.


4 responses to “home from work and Ichilov to a broken fridge”

  1. Erin Rawls says :

    What a crappy day! Sheesh. My first response was, what can I do to help….and then I reminded myself that you were half a world away. Makes the hole that my hound dog scratched in my bedroom wall while I was at work today seem small. Can you get a shot of a long acting painkiller since you can’t do anti-inflammatory meds?

  2. Lynne says :

    You could try anti-inflammatory foods. Do a quick internet search for them. About the fridge…. maybe you could buy a small dorm type fridge to use for the next few months. That might be the cheapest solution. Does the landlord not take care of repairs? Is it your fridge? I think that a dorm fridge may be the answer to your problem.

    • israeliminx says :

      It is my fridge. Unfortunately we don’t have dorm fridges here (we don’t have dorms here as they exist in the U.S.). I bought this one used when I moved into this apartment but it was still very expensive.

      Erin argh! But hound dogs are awesome!

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