fabulous refrigerator repairman and childrens’ book illustrator

Arik the refrigerator repairman has just left and the A in his name stands for Awesome. I found him via midrag. There are three things wrong with the fridge and he has fixed them all for 450 shekels and put in a new light in the freezer. He not only fixed two of the problems at cost for the parts but gave me a reduced price for fixing everything. He also thoroughly cleaned the inside of the fridge for me, without my asking (I’d never have thought to ask such a thing) because he knew that I can’t bend down. So the inside of the fridge is like new.

He is a man of many talents. He not only repairs refrigerators and washing machines but he and his wife have a little stand in Tel Aviv that is open on Fridays where they sell the childrens’ books he illustrated (you can see the covers of the books here –they are quite beautiful) and he is also the publisher of the books at Dror Publishing. You can also buy copies of the books from him at the link above. The author of the books is Dr. Ayelet Levin.

If you live in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak and surroundings and need someone to fix your broken fridge, washer, dryer, etc., you can’t do better than calling in Arik. He also gives you a five month guarantee on all his handiwork. He gets a 10 out of 10 in my book.

By tomorrow morning the freezer should be back to cold enough status to put things in. Most of the things in the fridge must be tossed. I need another compost pit to hold all the stuff just out of the freezer but I can’t see how to manage that. I hate to see good potential dirt going to waste. Of course, I hate seeing about 5 months of my meals gone to waste even more.


4 responses to “fabulous refrigerator repairman and childrens’ book illustrator”

  1. Lynne says :

    You could not have been more fortunate in finding Arik! I wonder if he sells a basic picture book for toddlers?

  2. Lynne says :

    Texas Governor Rick Perry is in Israel today to sign an agreement to establish a Texas A & M branch in Israel!!!! Texas is a wonderful state and a great friend to Israel. I ‘ll find out more details. My guess is that the focus of the work between Texas and Israel is to work on agricultural issues related to working with arid and drought conditions which both Texas and Israel have.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, actually it is pretty exciting. He is here to open the first university branch in a solely Muslim Arab-Israeli neighbourhood in Nazareth. Nazareth, of course, has major meaning for Christians (I think people often refer to Jesus of Nazareth?) and there are a number of Arab-Christian neighbourhoods there; There are also predominantly Jewish –ancient Jewish –neighbourhoods in the city. This university branch, however, is opening in the predominantly Muslim part of the city. I’ll link later tonight or tomorrow to the news articles about it.

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