happy weekend and light blogging

Sorry for the light blogging folks (not that I’ve terribly much interesting to blog!) but I’m using the short spans when I can stand (wish that were a pun) to sit/crouch in front of the computer to get crucial stuff for work done. The good news is that I am slowly being able to sit for longer stretches but so far that isn’t saying a whole lot.

Today I plan to plant some green onions in the garden and see if any of the collards are big enough to transplant out. I am going to harvest two of the aubergines/eggplants and cook up some tasty meals with them to stock the now working but completely empty freezer.

I’ve been working on copying my dvd collection over to hard-drive and have finished almost all of a big box of them — I’m giving my students who are interested in film first dibs on the physical dvds. They leaped on the 30 or so I brought in for them last week.

I’ve got lots of cleaning to do, as usual. With cats, it is never-ending.


One response to “happy weekend and light blogging”

  1. Lynne says :

    Have you tried cool compresses on your injury? Perhaps ask for physical therapy?

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