Spurned Egypt turns to Russia for alliance, Saudi Arabia turns to Pakistan

Yes, folks, in a world gone crazy by America’s crazy leader, the U.S. is cuddling up to and coddling a genocidal Iran. Obama has turned his back on long-time ally Egypt, is trying to damage long-time ally Israel in every way his administration possibly can –blocked by harming us more by Congress, the administration has resorted to repeatedly leaking information that threatens our country’s security. The chance that Israel will be forced to act against Iran, alone and soon, is increasing by the day.

Egypt is now turning to Russia for support. FT reports “The Russian foreign and defence ministers will travel to Egypt next week on a visit seen as signalling a growing rapprochement between the two countries as the military-backed authorities in Cairo reach out for new allies and seek to lessen dependence on Washington.”

Stratfor reports that Saudi Arabia, in the face of the U.S. cuddling up to a nuclear-weapons hungry Iran, is turning to Pakistan to try to obtain nukes of their own to counter the Iran threat.

Must read: Middle East expert Daniel Pipe’s article Obama Turns on Israel

Obama’s lies and deception to the American people on Obamacare are resulting in people losing their insurance, paying more and getting less for their insurance, losing their jobs and their doctors. His lies and backhanded dealings on the foreign policy front may well lead to millions of Jews again being incinerated in unholy fires.


One response to “Spurned Egypt turns to Russia for alliance, Saudi Arabia turns to Pakistan”

  1. Lynne says :

    It’s time for Israel to look for other allies. Obama is treacherous and vile.

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