Harvesting from the neglected garden

For a multitude of reasons the poor garden has been sorely neglected in the past month. I’m behind on planting, transplanting, weeding, trimming, and many other aspects. This morning, however, when I went down to put food out for the little garden cats, I also carried a pair of clippers with me. Into the now-empty cat food container I was able to harvest a large eggplant (aubergine), 9 cherry tomatoes, 12 fiery red hot peppers, one tiny yellow bell pepper, one slightly larger red sweet pepper, and one okra. Using the cut and come again method, I also cut a big fistful each of green onion, parsley and oregano, leaving at least four times as many fistfuls that could have been harvested.

I’ve now determined that zucchini and squash will not both grow and produce food no matter where they are planted in our yard, what kind of soil they are planted in, or when they are planted. The okra is an on-going experiment. 9 of the 11 okra plants (two varieties), planted in 4 different “okra friendly’ sections of the yard have all been eaten down to the stems and beyond by something. The irony is that the two plants that are untouched so far by bugs and that are producing and flowering are the two ‘throw-away’ transplants that I put in the least (according to everything I’ve read on okra) friendly environments in terms of sun, soil, and water needs. Go figure.


One response to “Harvesting from the neglected garden”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am amazed that your garden has done so well. Just try to stay upright while you are in it! I hope that your injury is feeling better.

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