so far off, I can’t even say I told you so (Obamacare)

I’ve long said that Obamacare would be an unmitigated disaster. I was so far off in that assessment that I can claim no credit. An unmitigated disaster is something like 3-mile Island or Hurricane Katrina. What we’re seeing with the very early stages of Obamacare is already like 3-mile Island, Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, Chernobyl, and the Indian Ocean tsunami all rolled into one.

The Democratic party (at least their Congressional representatives) are in a state of nuclear meltdown and they well know that the toxic sludge of Obamacare is going to dog them right to the 2014 elections. The Democratic Party as a whole should be worried, very worried, by the poll of under-35s who are not only harshing on the President but who are now putting greater faith in Republican congresspeople by a whopping nearly 10-point margin on handling…well, nearly everything, better than the President and better than Democrats in general.

The huge backlash and public outcry we are seeing is happening only in the very earliest pre-implementation of Obamacare. The first steps of actual O’Care don’t even go into effect until January. But a bigger whammy is yet to come and come it will, as inexorably as a tsunami bearing down on an uninformed, “misled,” and unwary population, and it is slated to begin hitting right as the mid-term elections are happening. Yes, that would be when the year-long delay of the Employer-mandated changes come into effect. I mean, people are going ape over the so-far 5 million folks who have lost the insurance they liked and were promised they could keep (and Obama’s mea culpa and decree that they can get it back is already being shown to be only so much political hot air less than 24 hours after he made it). Just wait until the delayed Employer-mandate requirements kick in and boot, at the low-end of estimates, 95 million folks off the insurance they like and want to keep and give them the option of paying more and getting less, far less.

Like a tsunami that isn’t just one big and devastating wave but made up of multiple big, small, and intermediate-sized waves that just keep coming and coming without relief, so is Obamacare. The implementation, regulations, and devastating woe are set to take place over a five-year period. So far, everyone is focused on the first unsettling tidal surge that knocks a few folks off their feet, and drowns a handful, and the looming first wave of real devastation on the horizon, if they are bothering to look up. The problem is, even those who are now looking at that coming huge wave can’t see beyond it. Behind it are coming many, many more waves. Perhaps they should have read that 1800 page bill before passing it and sought higher ground, rang out the alarms, had an evacuation plan in effect. It is too late now and both friend and foe are in the path of hurricane winds and tidal waves carrying radioactive material.


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