Obama’s sweet deal for Canadian Al Qaeda terrorist who murdered U.S. folks – one year in jail

Must watch: http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/video/lawyer-claims-innocence/2842306724001


5 responses to “Obama’s sweet deal for Canadian Al Qaeda terrorist who murdered U.S. folks – one year in jail”

  1. Lynne says :

    Absolutely so revolting that I can hardly stand to look at the mainstream media sources anymore, and to hear the latest vile decisions made by Obama and his corrupt administration.

  2. Mike says :

    Just think of the deal Obama wants to give Iran.

  3. 300yrs in America says :

    Dont the people of the free world understand obama is forging a lasting peace. The weaker America is,the better. The genius of the man is there for an adoring world to see and admire. The islamic freedom fighters are brave warriors of allah/ar rahman,and are fighting against the oppressors America and Yisrael. When will the masses who’ve been brainwashed by the antiquated Judeo/Christian ethic,finally wake up and worship this godlike man? I am sick of those racist who cant see that murder,rape,piracy,theft,lying,slavery,and the other teachings of muhammad are holy and pious.obama knows the truth and its high time everyone stepped aside and let him and his other conspirators lead us into the future. I know he has our best interest at heart,just as tmb,islamic jihad,al quaida,et al,do. If you believe that,there is a dam outside Las Vegas,i will sell you cheap.

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Obama should get punched in his face at least one time by an American when he happens to shake hands with crowds for the unbelievable actions he has done in favor of Muslims (in particular of Muslim terrorists) and against Americans and against the USA!!

    It is hard to believe that such a MUSLIM terrorist will get away with one year in jail for his unbelievable and irrefutable terrorist activities!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

    I do not like to brag by saying “I told you so!” because I love the USA and the American people but when I told you that Obama was a closet Muslim, quite a few of you had a hard time believing me and I can’t blame you.
    But I was just saying that based only on several irrefutable facts, and the story of this Muslim terrorist is one among many of these facts that clearly proves that Obama is clearly a closet Muslim.

    If you remember well, quite a while ago, I also clearly told you that Obama has a forged long-term and short-term birth certificates, he used a forged service selective card, and Obama uses and has been using for years a stolen social security number belonging to a dead Connecticut person, and probably he has used more forged documents during his life. When I say that to you, many of you probably do not believe me and you probably say to yourself “another birther making false claims about Obama!”. BUT I am telling you now that these “false claims” that I have stated just above are in fact TRUE FACTS that are fully supported by irrefutable proofs that any rational and logical critical thinker could not refute.
    Therefore, one day the truth will come out also on this matter of these forged documents that Obama has used so far and again I will tell you, at that time in the future, “I told you so!”.

    • Lynne says :

      I don’t care about the birth certificates issue at all, and I think that it weakens the criticisms of Obama. Frankly, I cannot imagine that Obama’s mother left the advanced medical services in the US to have her first child in Kenya. It may be true about the social security number and all that, but honestly, the focus, in my opinion, should be on what we KNOW and what is absolutely relevant: Obama’s ideas, policies, ideology, and agenda do not benefit the people of the US and the people of the world.

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