tossing power

I’ve got a long way to go until I’ve gotten all my earthly possessions down to two suitcases and ten boxes to mail (very expensive, that). However, since I started sorting, passing on, and just throwing away stuff this past summer I’ve made great progress. I can see that by the stack of now empty plastic bins that stuff used to inhabit. There are three large “under the bed” storage bins now empty, five (almost six) of the way too big to fit under a bed and need to be stacked monzo storage bins, 11 slightly larger than a dresser drawer-sized bins that used to hold clothing, bedding, books, etc., and 9 smaller storage bins of various shapes and sizes that are all empty, empty, empty.

I know that one of the boxes I’ll mail will be my cookbook collection which includes my grandmother’s favourite cookbooks, and another three-four boxes of cherished books that would be impossible to replace in either print or electronic form. I’m getting down to the really hard to call for culling stuff now, though, and there is a lot of it. I mean, do I get rid of the now-threadbare purple blanket that I snuggled under and found so comforting from age 5 to more than 25 before I carefully packed it away to pass down to the kid I now know I’ll never have (you wouldn’t think this raggedy old thing would be harder to toss than were my gymnastics medals and trophies but there you are)? Clearly, the answer is yes but I haven’t gotten up the mojo to do it yet. I’ve got boxes of this sort of thing to cull. Having collected and stacked up the now-empty bins, which I can now donate as well, I’m feeling my tossing power getting renewed life.


2 responses to “tossing power”

  1. tddpirate says :

    If you have any left over tossing power after having gotten rid of everything you intend to get rid of, please pass it on to me. I do need tossing power to get rid of a lot of papers (both mine and inherited from my parents) and other stuff that I accumulated during the 23 years that I lived in the same place.

  2. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, don’t get rid of treasured items. Find a way to keep those.

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