Israel emerging as energy super power

This is good news! From the Financial Times, take a watch

Sorry guys, I’d embed it but wordpress won’t let me. The Tamara gas field has given its first gifts. Still to come is the much bigger Leviathan gas field that will only start pumping out the gas in another 2-4 years. The coverage in the video also doesn’t cover our shale oil finds — we’ve got as much oil as Saudi Arabia, not in the traditional oil drilling form, but in shale. It requires different processing and we are not going to be using the fracking techniques used elsewhere but different, cleaner and more efficient, techniques developed here (I think I put up a video about it a couple of years ago). We’re expecting the oil extraction to go black gold in 2016. Our energy resource finds are a game changer.

Given our current ‘allies’ it couldn’t have come at a better time. You may not see a divine hand at work, but I do.


2 responses to “Israel emerging as energy super power”

  1. tddpirate says :

    I see the following negatives in the fossil fuel findings:
    1. The Dutch malaise. We are already suffering from it – for now, not due to the gas findings but due to the foreign currency flowing into Israel from Hi-Tech exits.
    2. No incentive to develop renewable energy sources.
    3. Attractive target for invasion by military powers, which determine that the cost/benefit ratio warrants a military operation.

    In summary, Israel did very well thanks to the absence of easy-to-find oil. Now we are losing this gift.

  2. Lynne says :

    Ah, two ways of looking at this…

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