Happy Changiving!!!

Tomorrow night here in Israel we will celebrate the first night of Chanukah (I’ll be lighting candles with the little family next door and stuffing my face with latkes and sufganiot –homemade sufganiot, mind you, by my neighbour and that beat the pants off the ones you can get at the best bakery here if last year was anything to go by). The first actual day of Chanukah falls on Thursday, which is also the American holiday Thanksgiving. Folks in the U.S. are thus celebrating what they are calling Thanksgivvukah. Here, we have our priorities straight, rallying round the table for potato pancakes and jelly donuts (sufganiot) rather than a deceased bird, and so I’m calling the holiday this year Changiving. It definitely deserves a special name because Chanukah and Thanksgiving will not both fall on the same day for another 70,000 years. Yeah, this isn’t just a once in a lifetime experience but a once in tens of thousands of generations experiences. So enjoy your Turkey or Tofurkey and dude, definitely enjoy your jelly donuts, and consider that celebrating the miracle of Chanukah is something of a special miracle this year.

(I’ve got tons to blog about tomorrow: my new and exciting purchase that I totally can’t afford but really do need, my exciting bus ride home, politics, kvetches, and cats)


8 responses to “Happy Changiving!!!”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am eager to read your post tomorrow, can hardly wait…though mind that I am your mother and would have that attitude!

  2. Mac says :

    I support your “Changiving”! I appreciate both Chanukah and Thanksgiving. It’s not a deceased bird…. It’s deep fried….LOL!

  3. Mike says :

    Chag semeach.

    I’m looking forward to latkes with the turkey. We’re eating at our neighbor’s down the street. They’re the other Jewish family on the block and we usually do all our chagim together. They’re good folks and our kids get along. He’s originally from Tehran before he moved to LA like most of the Iranian Jews in the U.S.

    So besides latkes, we’ll be having Iranian-style rice, which has a crusty bottom, plus probably another Iranian dish.

    Our rabbi and his wife are his wife are also coming along with two Japanese university students coming to experience Thanksgiving. I don’t think the students’ English and I’m not sure anybody has explained to them what’s going on. I mean how many Jews can there be in Japan. Dreidels, latkes, menorahs, I suspect we are just going to confuse the crap out of them.

    • israeliminx says :

      Mike so we want the update. Just how confused did you make those poor exchange students?!

      • Mike says :

        I think the general consensus was that we confused the crap out of them. Their spoken English was pretty marginal, although they could answer basic questions and talk about things like their home towns. But they didn’t speak much and it’s hard to gauge how much they understood.

        Our neighbors tried to explain the Chanukah elements of the dinner last night. The students’ response was a lot of smiling and nodding, which I think in international sign language means “I have no idea what the f@#k you are talking about.”

        There was also a discussions of Jews and Christmas and eating Chinese food that clearly went right over the girls head.

        The girls are from Mukogowa University and come as part of an exchange program with our town’s sister city in Japan. The girls, young women is probably more accurate, were very nice but I do wonder what they wound up telling the other’s in the exchange program.

    • tddpirate says :

      Are those Japanese students from the Makuya or from another pro-Jewish Japanese movement? If yes, they may happen to have a clue about the Jewish holidays.

  4. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Happy Hanukkah!

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