My awesome purchase

I bought a tablet. Two months ago the really sweet and helpful girl who works at the school’s small bookstore told me that they’d be getting in a tablet that runs windows 8 and comes with a keyboard. I can’t afford a tablet but I really need one, especially one that runs microsoft office and has a hebrew-english keyboard. The laptop I had to buy last year had both the internal speakers and the switch to hebrew function go out the first week after I bought it. Not having the hebrew typing ability has been brutal — for instance, I’ve not been able to fill in the (many) electronic forms that would have seen me get approximately 6,000 sheks of my salary from last year. So, every week I’ve been checking by to see if they’d gotten it in, just to window-shop and admire it. I’d hoped to earn enough with tutoring to be able to semi-afford it but having that fall put paid to that idea.

When I checked in yesterday, there it was: A thing of beauty –an Asus Transformer. The tablet is 10.1 inches and is so light I couldn’t believe it. It is much lighter than a paperback book! Even with the mini keyboard you can attach to the tablet to so it becomes like a tiny laptop, it is feather light compared to my heavy and bulky laptop.

How much is it? I asked as I admired it. 2010 shekels — a 500 shek discount from a regular store. It is only 84 shekels a month if you buy it on the 24-month payment plan, the shop girl burbled and there is absolutely no interest on the payments. Really? Plus, it comes with Microsoft Office for students fully loaded and functional and that is an additional 530 shekel savings. Ok, I said, before I’d even had time to think it through. But nu, I can manage to find 84 sheks that can be shaved off my budget each month, especially when the spring garden starts to produce. The baby lettuce is just a few days from the first harvest and that should save me 5 sheks a week already. I’ve got loads of green onions growing and harvestable (they cost 10 sheks a bunch at the store). The collards will be ready in another 3-4 weeks. The aubergine are still blooming and it is just possible a couple more unexpected fruit will set and there are 5 unexpected sweet peppers already growing…yep, with the help of the garden I can certainly manage to shave off 84 sheks a month.

I’m waiting until tonight to set it up as my Changiving gift to myself. How exciting!


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  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I hope you have the following one, a great video review by the way on “Asus Transformer Book T100 Review – YouTube” at
    I hope you have this one because it has an Intel processor on it and therefore you could install any desktop program that you might want to use.
    The one to avoid is when it has a ARM processor because you cannot install any desktop Windows applications on it.

    Just a short hello to you, israelmix, I hope you are well and, as usual, I send you my best.

    A short hello also to your mother Lynne, asking her to keep faith that her treatment will help her recover fullly, as I read it is possible even in her particular case. And especially not to get discouraged in any way and to keep fighting, no matter what, to recover fully. My best wishes to you too, Lynne, and especially for a full recovery after your treatment.

  2. Lynne says :

    Wipe Out, thank you for your kind wishes! I’m glad that she got that tablet; it will make her life so much easier. This tablet sounds amazing.

  3. Larry007 says :

    Arik Einstein has died today, the greatest Israeli artist singer

    • israeliminx says :

      Larry — yeah that came as a real shocker. Last night after we played endless Hanukkah songs with cartoons for the little ones, we played a marathon of Arik Einstein’s songs. He is definitely the greatest Israeli singer ever. So many of his songs bring me to tears just from the sheer beauty of them.

  4. David K from Philly says :

    Yaeli – congrats on the purchase!

    I’m in IT and, so far, I’m probably the last hold out in my group of peers to get a tablet. I have a laptop and it’s powerful and portable enough. But, I would eventually like to get a tablet of some sort.

    There’s two problems, though. First, I’m not sure if NEED a tablet… or just an e-reader. I imagine most of my work would be school related and, though nowhere near as powerful as a tablet, a Kindle would serve that purpose just fine. Plus, it’s lighter, less expensive, better battery life and you can read it anywhere – even in the bright sun.

    The other problem is I can’t decide which operating system to go with. On the one hand, all my work/play software is Windows. On the other hand, my smartphone is an Android. I don’t own anything Apple… so an iPad is out of the question. But, do I get an Android based tablet so I can sync it with my smartphone? Or do I get a Windows based one so I can sync it with my laptop and desktop?

    Oy, decisions decisions!

    David K from Philly

    • tddpirate says :

      Full disclosure: I have a stake in the following.

      Buy an Android based tablet and install on it eBook reader software such as and corresponding software for reading other formats of eBooks.

      NOTE: Yaeli indicated very explicitly that she needs Microsoft Office on her tablet, and this requirement is likely to rule out Android based ones for her.

      • Lynne says :

        This technology is so confusing to me that I am sure that I could never figure out what to get!

        • tddpirate says :

          Yaeli managed quite well the technology selection part (although I’d probably reformulate her requirements to choose otherwise).
          List your requirements and then choose the tablet after consultation with the experts and trying few models in the shop.

          • David K from Philly says :

            I don’t think it’s so much about the technology – at the end of the day all tablets use the same basic SoaC (system on a chip) architecture and are nearly identical in performance where only a tech guru could tell the difference.

            It’s really about three things – compatibility, convenience and prestige.

            Compatibility: If you primarily use Windows at home then you should get a Windows tablet. If you use your Android smartphone more, get an Android tablet. Apple and iPhone users should get an iPad.

            Convenience: Do you want something small you can fit in a purse or something larger and easier to read and navigate? Do you want to connect to the internet no matter where you are (3G/4G)? Or will you mostly use the tablet at home, in the library, at school or in a coffee shop (wifi-only)? Do you need a keyboard? Or is swiping and tapping a multitouch screen fine for you?

            Prestige: I’d like to say this doesn’t matter but, in reality, it almost always does. Everyone loves to have the latest and greatest and coolest gadgets. Don’t ask me why. We just do. You could write a whole book on the subject … and I’m sure people already have. So, what’s the quality of your prestige? Does being seen as a rebel and IT geek turn you on? Get an Android. Want to be seen as a high powered business person? Get a Windows tablet. Does the idea of being seen as a sleek and sexy hipster do it for you? Go iPad.

            Hope this helps.

            David K from Philly

  5. Lynne says :

    David K from Philly, Now I see: You match the products up to what you already own or plan to use, with convenience as a factor, too, right? I think that those tablets are amazing, and if I were still teaching, it would be a good tool for me to use to prepare lessons and keep track of the mounds of paperwork that we teachers who teach special education have to be responsible for. As to prestige/image, I’d hide it and hope that no one saw me struggling to make sense of it!

  6. israeliminx says :

    Wow great comments all around! I essentially need a very small computer that can do the things a laptop can do but is more portable so that I can bring it to work and use it in student meetings, and connect to the course websites while at school etc. The fact that I can detach the screen (tablet part) and read ebooks, work documents etc just before bed or on a bus or just wherever is a serious bonus or, as Louisiana bayou folks would say, “lagniappe.”

    I’m not thrilled about needing to use windows 8 (it is a cruddy operating system) but I need it for, as David K noted, compatibility issues and I need the office software for all my work stuff. I’m definitely going to be calling on Pirate for advice about what ebook software I should put on my darling little tablet!

    I still can’t get over how razor thin and light the tablet (minus keyboard) is — I feel like I’m in an episode of the Jetsons lol.

    • David K from Philly says :

      Jetsons 🙂

      I have a funny story about that, actually. My brother is a cop (yes, a Jewish cop!). A sheriff’s deputy to be exact. One of his responsibilities is to transfer prisoners to and from prisons. They were extraditing a prisoner from Kentucky last week so he had to drive down there to pick him up and bring him back to PA.

      Apparently, this guy was in the middle of a very long sentence for armed bank robbery and hadn’t seen the light of day for 20 years. He was secured in the back of the van and ready for transport when my brother pulled out his smartphone to call his wife.

      The prisoner was in awe. Apparently he had never seen a smartphone before and couldn’t believe how far technology advanced while he was incarcerated. He was amazed and said how much things seemed like the Jetsons now.

      I guess when you’re away for so long and cut off from the world things like that are a shock. Because we’re exposed to it everyday, the progress and evolution of technology isn’t as apparent. Or, at least, not as shocking.


  7. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    So peaceful the Iranians? Not interested in nukes?
    Read “Iran Announces Development of Ballistic Missile Technology” at

    • Lynne says :

      Wipe Out, I agree. Only a moron could believe that the “deal” that the Obama Administration made with Iran could benefit anyone but Iran (the leadership of Iran and not the Iranian people). I don’t believe that Obama thinks so either. I believe that he strongly supports Muslim extremists. Period.

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