Remembering Arik Einstein

We’ve lost the greatest Israeli singer and musician ever (I don’t think there’d be much disagreement with that statement): Arik Einstein. His music spanned many genres but he was also a major pioneer of Israeli rock music. He is really the voice of the nation, the voice of Israeli musical history and Israeli society over decades. His music can’t be put into any one genre — he has songs that fall into and excels in literally every musical genre except opera over his musical career.

Probably my favourite of his songs (from 1980):

Another one of my most favourite of his songs is Ani v’ Ata (Me and You):

Here’s the English version he did of Time After Time (1970, from the very first Israeli rock music album):
I love this fun one (jump up and dance!) from 1974, Cafe Turkey:

Here’s the music video for She Kshe Navo (awesome) of Einstein’s, highlighting yet another genre:

And, of course, anyone who has ever been to a Yitzhak Rabin memorial knows this 1997 song Shalom Chaver:

My list of songs of his that are amazing and that I love could go on and on and ON.
Do you have a favourite Arik Einstein song?


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