Pot to kettle: Obama admin calls Netanyahu ‘desperate and weak’

From INN:

Senior officials in the White House have said that Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “is desperate and weak,” in reaction to Netanyahu’s remonstrations against the deal struck with Iran over its nuclear weapons program.

Israeli television Channel 10quoted the officials as saying “His pronouncements show a lack of self-confidence,” in an unusually harsh personal attack on Netanyahu. “We are not perturbed by his vocal opposition.”

Netanyahu was also raked over the coals Sunday by he man he replaced in the prime minister’s bureau, Ehud Olmert, who accused him of bringing relations with the US to an “unprecedented” low point. However Netanyahu is showing no sign of flagging in his campaign against thepolicies of the US and the other P5+1 powers.

“As the prime minister of Israel, I warn time and time again of the dangers that are related to the Iranian nuclear program,” he added. “When I see a danger to the citizens of Israel I will not remain silent.”


6 responses to “Pot to kettle: Obama admin calls Netanyahu ‘desperate and weak’”

  1. tddpirate says :

    Time to pray that Bibi’s balls are big enough for the battle that he’ll face.

    • israeliminx says :

      Well, they are definitely bigger than Olmert’s — you’d need a magnifying glass to even find his.

      hey Pirate, any suggestions for what ebook reading software I should download for the tablet? 🙂

      • tddpirate says :

        Sorry but for Windows 8, I have no suggestions.
        I was told that the best E-book reading software there is runs on iPad.

        And I disagree about the size of Olmert’s balls. He played the macho bit during the Second Lebanon War, to good effect. This is evidenced by the fact that the Lebanese are still afraid of Israel to this day.

        What I would like to understand is why do practically all non-extreme-rightwing Israeli opposition politicians air opinions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which hint that peace is at our reach if only we grow out of our infantile obsessions concerning various terms of the agreement with the Palestinian Authority.
        Are they all under hypnotism by Shimon Peres?

    • Mike says :

      I hope all of us have balls big enough to deal with what’s on its way. I sometimes think that Bibi is being too shrill, but then I think if Obama was doing to me what he’s doing to Bibi, I’d be screaming too.

      Whatever is coming won’t be pretty. It seems like this debate has changed something, like some Rubicon has been crossed and it’s now acceptable to say things about Jews that you couldn’t just a few months or weeks ago.

      I don’t see how this ends well and to get to an acceptable ending is going to require a lot from people, especially Israelis. American Jews are pretty clueless about what’s happening.

      • Lynne says :

        Mike, I agree, and it’s what I have been thinking about so much in the past year or two. The situation is getting worse… it’s sad and scary.

  2. David K from Philly says :

    Netanyahu’s hardline stance on this deal and Iran is actually extremely smart and prudent. If Iran does lie to the int’l community and finish building a bomb, he can say, “I told you so.” If they don’t, he can say he was being prudent against a historically hostile rogue regime. Either way, politically he wins.

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