End of the week wrap-up

As Shabbat is approaching I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do. Because of all the rain (the garden is so happy) in the last two days, I’ve not mopped my floors and they are dis-gust-ing!! Since Monday Batya has flipped over two cups of coffee onto the floor and one glass of soda. Last night, Missy, who has taken to hiding out on the shelf above the toaster and microwave, flipped the tupperware container of the lettuce I’d harvested cut and come again from the garden and the water it was soaking in so that lettuce leaves and water went all over the counter and floor. Note to self: Setting anything atop the microwave for even five minutes is no longer a safe activity. Thanks Missy. Cat hair, coughed up hairballs…you can picture it. So, despite the fact that it is about to rain again, meaning it will take hours for the floor to dry, the floors must be mopped or I will go out of my tiny little mind.

Even with the rain, however, I have gotten a lot done in the last couple of days. I’ve now donated everything off the smallest bookcase in the house and then yesterday, during a break in the rainy weather, managed to drag the bookcase out of the apartment, down the stairs, and out to the street. Someone collected it for their own in less than 5 minutes of it being set out. Indeed, I’ve donated or thrown away everything out of that little front room so that the only things in there are the litter boxes for the cats. I’ve nearly gotten rid of everything on the tall bookcase in Tovi’s room and hope to be able to drag that bookcase out to the street for donation on Sunday. After that bookcase is gone, I’ve only got the things in one of the big plastic bins and all my framed art work (posters and paintings collected from my travels around Europe and custom framed) to get rid of and then her room will be empty except for her cage.

I took Mousie to the vet yesterday for his shot and he’s also going to be on liquid antibiotics for 10 days. Only 8 hours after the steroid shot he was able to eat. He’s been being a major cuddle cat too, sleeping under my neck all night and insisting on nose scratches. Of course, he had to share space on my body with Missy, Batya, Gingi, Tsofia, and Tzeekada. Smokey One Eye and Tinoket also wanted a piece of me but those already roosting drove them off. No wonder I’m tired today 🙂


4 responses to “End of the week wrap-up”

  1. tddpirate says :

    Yaeli, can you please share with me (or with us blog readers) where do you donate books and other stuff?

    Those weeks I am in the process of “chattels diet” – getting rid of stuff that I no longer need in my life. My biggest problem is that there are too things which are pity to just discard them on the street and I’d feel easier if I were to find reasonably good homes for them.

    • israeliminx says :

      Pirate — I bring my dvds and music cds to give to my students in batches each week. The rest just goes on the street. I’ve had a few ‘traumatic’ experiences with that where people — kids for sure — threw some of the really nice and a few beloved things back over the wall into the dirt, smashed them, etc. Most of the things, however, seem to be taken off to new homes. I know that when I lived in Tel Aviv most of my “new” wardrobe items came from things that my wealthy neighbours donated to the street (lots of clothes never worn that still had price tags on them!) and I was always happy and grateful when I found nice things to take home with me and use.

  2. tddpirate says :

    I still remember the trauma that I felt when I donated my old TV set to the street. It was fully functional, only thick and a bit smaller than modern flat TV sets.
    And shortly afterwards, I found it to be smashed. Seems that people collect rare metal magnets from the old TV sets, breaking the CRT tube in the process.

  3. Mac says :

    You’ve been a busy bee it appears!

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