skip the coffee, go for a beer wake-up? Tel Aviv researchers say maybe so…

If you are looking for a long life, you might consider skipping the morning cup of Joe and grabbing a beer instead, at least that is what a number of studies coming out of Tel Aviv U medical researchers suggest. Researchers have discovered that caffeine can shorten life expectancy, while alcohol can increase it. A major factor in longevity has long (in medical terms meaning only a couple of decades in world terms) been linked to the length of end points of chromosomal DNA chains, called telomeres. Researchers have found that regular caffeine use significantly shortens the telomeres while alcohol significantly lengthens them.

Telomeres keep chromosomes stable and prevent deterioration when the cells containing them divide. Telomeres become shorter as a person ages: Every time a cell duplicates, the chromosomes are copied into the new cell with slightly shorter telomeres, and the longer we live, the more our cells will have divided. When the telomeres become too short, the cell dies. Shorter telomeres are associated with ill health, increased chances of developing chronic and terminal diseases such as cancer, and are associated with premature death.

It is all very interesting and exciting, I note, as I sit here sipping on my third cup off coffee. Yeah, I won’t be giving up the old cup of Joe anytime soon though maybe much sooner than if I did! 🙂


3 responses to “skip the coffee, go for a beer wake-up? Tel Aviv researchers say maybe so…”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am certainly doomed: I am addicted to my morning cups of coffee to wake up!

  2. Brad says :

    I should live an average life then, caffeine in the morning and alcohol at night.

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