hails bells

This is going to be short because my fingers are really cold when out from under the blanket (and the cable and electricity keep going out with great regularity). Since Tuesday we’ve had pretty much non-stop waterworks from the sky ranging from light sprinkles and gentle rain to bands of gully-washing deluges with the deluges predominating. Right now, it is deluging with lots of lightning and thunder to go along. Yesterday we had hail and now it is pinging off the windows, along with rain, again. Last night I had 11 of the 17 cats on the couch with me. I’m camping out in the living room this week because it is warmer than the bedroom.

Now here is one reason why Israel (sorry folks living elsewhere) is a superior place to live. Knowing that this massive storm was on the way, last Sunday, Monday and during the day on Tuesday pen and pencil pushers in our city halls and other government agencies were instead out pounding the pavements with warm, fluffy blankets in tow seeking out the homeless on the streets. They tried to convince them to go to one of the shelters and, if they refused, at least gave them a blanket to help against the elements. There were coordinated efforts by dozens of public (govt funded) and private groups to get blankets and heaters to the elderly poor and to Holocaust survivors in preparation. In the U.S. you see major aid efforts coming into play after a disaster — here, we get on the ground well before one to try to prevent as much as possible. I was in NYC when we had two of the ‘only in 100 years’ kinds of massive snowfall that utterly crippled the city and, while officials gave out warnings, except for private groups working on the ground, you were on your own baby. People froze to death in apartments and on the streets.

With the country being hit with flooding in the center and south, socked with snow in the north and in the Jerusalem area, close to 2000 stranded motorists have been rescued by our rescue crews that have been out in force.

I’m going to snuggle back under the blankets with a passel of cats and pop in another movie 🙂


9 responses to “hails bells”

  1. tddpirate says :

    Of course, the natives of Israel are ungrateful to their government. Expect in the next few days a storm in the media and social networks, storm of complaints against Bibi Netanyahu and the other people on top of the government.
    Loss of electricity, blocked roads, whatever you name.

    Of course, I approve of this. Complaining is the way to ensure the government will do better next time, and we still face the threats of war and earthquake.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Hello Yael, I hope you are well.

    I was quite happy to see the huge deluge of snow over Israel, thinking that it means water and therefore it means life, especially in a region of Earth like the Middle East as in Israel where water is indeed vital.

    It always breaks my hear to see homeless people and the indifference that people have in Western countries about the plight of homeless people. To see people in Israel behave differently, it warms my heart and makes me happier.
    When I see a homeless person, I always say a prayer in my mind silently to G.od, asking Him to help this particular homeless person and hoping my “belief” in G.od is not an illusion, that indeed G.od was, is, and will be forever.
    In any case, I will never ever believe all the ridiculous (and full of holes) current theories currently claiming that G.od does not exist because the existence or the non-existence of G.od is impossible to prove.
    I want to give G.od my faith that is I want to believe that indeed G.od does exist even though I am fully aware that the likehood of my faith being the truth is probably very slim, extremely low. But I still want to give G.od a chance, to prove G.od that indeed, against all odds, I still give G.od my faith, no matter what, despite so many things against this faith in G.od.

    I hope Yael you will not be too cold these coming days. Take care.

  3. Lynne says :

    Being proactive is good!

  4. Mike says :

    It sounds like there’s more snow in Jerusalem than here in eastern Washington. It’s not fair, but I’m trying not to be bitter.

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    About faith in G.od despite all odds I could say.
    My faith in G.od is not based on the Tanach, meaning that if the entire Tanach would be completely false, if it would be based on false facts, then my faith in G.od would not be changed an iota, I would still believe in the existence of a higher being that we call G.od.

    So what does my faith in a higher being relies on? It relies on:
    —the miracle that a human being is.
    —the miracle of human consciousness.
    —the miracle of procreation and of those who created us, women.
    —the miracle of life on Earth.
    —the miracle of this infinite Universe that, rationally, logically, is simple impossible to be infinite and yet this Universe would not make sense either if it was finite! So, how this entire Universe cannot be infinite and cannot be finite either? You surely see the dilemma that we, human beings, have on such a simple question!
    —the miracle of nature around us: plants, animals, and every living being on Earth.
    —and more similar reasons.
    That is these reasons that keep very strong my faith in the existence of a higher being that is, should be at the origin of the creation of mankind on Earth.
    As you see, the belief in the existence of G.od does not need to rely on any written message to be extremely strong.

    These comments should help those who do not believe in the existence of G.od only because they have issues with the Tanach for instance. Or for any other reason.

  6. Shimona from the Palace says :

    Having 11 cats snuggled up with you on the couch must have been a great help in keeping warm. I only have two, and it was like being snuggled up with a couple of living, breathing, furry little hot water bottles 🙂

    Yes, despite the complaints (and Israelis will ALWAYS find something to complain about!), I think the police, and municipality did a good job, the best they could under circumstances which were beyond their control. It’s so typical of Israelis to ignore police advice not to take to the roads in private cars and then complain when they are stranded on the road (we call that, “being independent”).

    And one other point, which you didn’t mention – the hundreds of Jerusalemites who opened their hearts and homes to total strangers who were stranded in the city over Shabbat with nowhere to go. I think we can give ourselves a pat on the back about that, don’t you?

    Yes- I’m definitely with you on this one. Israel IS a superior place to live and I thank my lucky stars that I do live here 🙂

  7. Kelly says :

    Sent you an urgent message on Facebook 😉

  8. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Eleven cats on the couch…I’m surprised there was room left for *you*. “There were twelve in the bed and the little one said, ‘roll over’, and they all rolled over and one fell out..?”. Everybody keeping warm together. The story goes that in inland Australia (where despite it being desert it can get quite cold at night – cold enough for frost) old Aboriginal people used to talk about a really cold night being “a three-dog night” (that is, when camped out in the open near your fire, you still needed three of your pet dogs next to you to keep warm). Well, looks like you just had an ‘eleven cat day’.

  9. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check emails.

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