well it figures, sigh

After all the cold and rainy weather we’ve had I guess it is not surprising that I am down sick. I felt totally fine yesterday, just more tired than usual after a long day of teaching. I fell asleep while my frozen fish patties were cooking in the toaster and slept solid through to some time this morning (extremely unusual for me as I am usually awakened regularly with hot flashes). The sun was up when I woke up and I had a fallen eyelash (I think) caught in my left eye, causing it to hurt and to not be able to keep it open. My right eye was feeling sympathy and reacting with sensitivity to the light. I managed to stumble, one-eyed into the kitchen to get the coffee started, came back, pressed the hurt eye into a pillow and waited for the tears to flush out the eyelash — obviously it worked as, when I woke up again it was 1:30 in the afternoon and the mega irritation in the eye was gone (though the eye still is sensitive). My sinuses are filling up and I am aching in every joint.

I’ve got to go out in a few minutes to feed the poor outside cats that have been waiting for their breakfast. I am very worried about Fluffy Black Baby Cat — I have not seen her since last Tuesday before the deluge of rain began. Cats were coming out during the stormy days to eat (because the food was always gone when I came back to put their next meal down) but not coming up while I was outside. Fluffy’s sister, Miss Don’t Touch Me Baby Cat, was right there waiting for her breakfast as usual on Sunday when the rain was over and again every day since for both morning and evening feedings. The black cat whose tail was butchered has also been coming up. But Fluffy Black Baby Cat has been nowhere to be seen and that is extremely unusual — she’s never left the yard before and never missed a single meal. In fact, she wants to run around my feet and be petted and cuddled every time I go out of the apartment building feeding time or no –and so I am very worried that something has happened to her.


One response to “well it figures, sigh”

  1. Lynne says :

    Bad weather can be very confusing to cats, and she may be hiding some place safe and dry. I hope that you feel better soon. Make a big effort to eat the right things and to rest and relax. Hot tea is known to shorten the length of colds and flu.

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