Happy Christmas to my Christian friends!!

I’ve just gotten home from work and wanted to wish all those who celebrate Christmas an extremely happy and merry one!

With just two weeks before the end of classes (how did time fly this fast?!), I am pretty slammed with work. Today I sort of felt I was decked out in Christmas cheer. Last night, just after I got home from work, there was a knock at my door. It was my neighbour from just above and she had a really nice dress in her hands — she was sorting through her closet and found a never-worn winter dress she’d bought just before she discovered she was expecting three years ago and she thought that this was just my style. It is indeed and so much so that I wore it today! Very early this morning I discovered a bag containing the long sweater she’d bought to go with the dress hanging on my door with a note, when my neighbour from next door (with the adorable four little ones) rang to pass on a glass with a spicy guacamole side mix and a plate of food to go with it because they “knew that you’ll be home too late to fix a decent meal.”

I think the neatest thing is that this isn’t any sort of special holiday cheer/extra effort on behalf of my neighbours but rather just normal daily life.


One response to “Happy Christmas to my Christian friends!!”

  1. Lynne says :

    To All Our Christian Friends: Sending you warmest wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy and joyous new year!
    Yaeli, you do indeed have wonderful neighbors!

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