Baby Black and Baby Tiger Striped are safe

Well horrors. A little while ago I needed to run to the corner store. On my way back I noticed something laying in our front garden — clearly a kitten and I thought, until I approached it closer, that it was baby Tiger Striped. Same markings but this kitten was only about 12 weeks old and I knew from the moment I saw it laying there that it was either dead or severely injured. It was dead and its little paws were coated with the red of our front garden soil — you could see the markings in the soft, powdery soil of its final death scrabbles. There was no blood trail so whatever happened to it, happened right there: it was essentially disembowled. I don’t know whether a dog got it, a person did it, or if the stitches from having been spayed came undone. I’ve still got to get up the nerve to go down and take care of her body.

I literally ran up the stairs with my groceries, flung them on the counter and grabbed a cat carrier and some wet food. It took a little more than an hour of concerted trying but finally in went Baby Tiger Striped far enough that I could shut the door behind her. I ran up and put her in Tovi’s room. Then, back down with another carrier and another can of wet food and got Baby Black in immediately. They are both in carriers in Tovi’s room. I’m calling Ronen to see a) when I can bring them in to be spayed, vaccinated, and chipped and b) if he would be willing, instead, to come collect them plus Missy and Sparkle for a spaying party. Fluffy Baby Black and Skittish Baby Tiger Stripe’s days of running free in the garden are now over. Inside kitties. Safe kitties.


2 responses to “Baby Black and Baby Tiger Striped are safe”

  1. Lynne says :

    We have to have an animal sanctuary. Essential!

  2. Erin Rawls says :

    Super Yaeli to the rescue! You need a cape:)

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