makin’ (veggie) meatloaf but gravy distressed

I’m making up a really delicious vegetarian meatloaf made with lentils — one for me and one for my neighbours. I had Shabbat dinner with them last night and discovered that their stove had essentially gone beyond haywire — in fact, the wires were completely fried and took out the electricity in their kitchen with them. We had a nice cold ingredients meal and this morning I heated up the milk for the twins for them. I thought it would be nice to bring them a hot meal this evening.

My quandary is coming up with a tasty vegetarian-friendly gravy. In the past I’ve tried at least half a dozen recipes that I’ve found online but all of them were seriously lacking in being, well, gravy-like in taste and texture. Anybody got a nice tried and true version? I can always go the ‘serve with ketchup’ route but I’d like to have a good gravy recipe on hand for when I make mashed potatoes and so forth. And, I’m craving a good gravy!


6 responses to “makin’ (veggie) meatloaf but gravy distressed”

  1. Lynne says :

    I usually buy a gluten-free gravy mix here, but I am at a loss for making gravy without using meat. Good luck with your meal. I hope that your friends can soon get their stove fixed.

  2. Esty, in Givatayim says :

    Try רוטב צלי (rotev tzli), it comes in little packets that look like this
    the supermarkets tend to have them on the lowest self under the soup mixes sיelves… בתיאבון 🙂

  3. chairwoman says :

    You’re in Israel, home of Osem, for heaven’s sake!

    When cooking for vegetarians, and myself for that matter, I always use Osem onion, mushroom, chicken or beef flavour soups to make delicious sauce and gravy. I thicken the liquid with a tablespoon or so (depending on the amount) plain flour slaked in 3 times as much cold water.

    Give it a try for yummy meat free gravy.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Ok yum, I’m going to try both of those ideas!!!

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