Happy Sylvester 2014 from the Minx and Mean Mousie!

We call the international official New Year “Sylvester” here and while people do take the opportunity to party, it is not at all like New Year’s celebrations elsewhere. We don’t even have Jan 1 off work to help those with screaming hangovers recover. This is because we have our own New Year, designated by the Jewish calender and we celebrate it in the Fall of the year.

Before I express my New Year wishes to all, I’ll share a quick and cute Little Mouse tale. When Little Mouse finishes his roaming around the apartment and decides he wants to retire to the cozy sofa he usually wants to perch on or beside me if I’m sitting there too. However, if I’m not, he wants the warmest spot to snuggle in. The Mouse is meanly smart. He has figured out that the warmest spot of is all going to be a spot under an already curled up and sleeping fellow cat. More often than not, poor Tzofia is his target. He will jump onto the sofa and then creep across the fuzzy blankets I’ve put on for the cats, slowly stretch out a paw above her exposed tummy and then do a lightning fast strike, waking her and sending her tumbling and scrambling off the sofa. He then claims her spot, curling up just where she was, and starts making happy paws. That leaves poor Tzofia to slink back onto the couch and carefully curl up in the unwarmed spot next to Mousie’s back. He’s happy to let her snuggle against him — now he’s got warmth from below and behind!

Wishing you all a much better 2014 than 2013 was, with greater health, happiness, and wealth this coming year!!


8 responses to “Happy Sylvester 2014 from the Minx and Mean Mousie!”

  1. Erin Rawls says :

    Happy Sylvester Yaeli and Lynne!

  2. Lynne says :

    Thank you, Erin! Happy Sylvester!

  3. Jake from Philly says :

    Happy Sylvester to you, Yael and Lynne! I hope you and all the kitties have a good 2014. (And the Mousie story made me laugh — he is one smart little guy!)

  4. Mac says :

    Yes! Happy Sylvester to you both Yael and Lynne!

  5. israeliminx says :

    Erin, Jake, Mac, darling Ema mine, and everyone else who reads here, many thanks for the warm wishes!!! I and all my crazy cats (or maybe it is crazy me for having all these cats and they are just along for the ride) have you in my thoughts always but especially at the breaking of a new year!

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