the great freezer bake

Today and tomorrow I plan to do lots of cooking and baking (and gravy making thanks to Esty and the Chairwoman!). My stock of just heat me food from the freezer is getting scanty low — indeed, most of the shelves are bare. I’ve still got 2 of the pizzas I made last month, two meals of the meatloaf I made, and 18 meatballs I made from the leftover lentil meatloaf mixture, but that is it.

So, in the next two days I plan to make up a hearty mushroom-barley soup, another 6 apple dumplings (I inhaled those puppies), an eggplant-tomato-pasta bake, and the coup d’etat laugenbrot rolls and brezeln. Unfortunately, I can’t make authentic authentic Bavarian soft pretzels and pretzel rolls because they call for them to be dipped in a food-grade kind of lye before baking (and I’m not going there, even if I could figure out where to find the stuff if it is findable here). So, they won’t taste exactly “like home” –and you haven’t lived until you’ve had a real soft pretzel, served at room temp and with a thick layer of butter smeared between the two halves — but hopefully will taste close enough. I’ll use the rolls to make sandwiches with and the pretzels as just yummy gotta have ’em with butter fixes. I’ve taken out my german bread book (in German) and am trying to decide which of the non-lye recipes to choose from as there are several in there. If they turn out super good, I’ll be happy to translate the recipe for folks here!

Today I plan to do the soup and pasta meals (so dinner tonight will definitely be a bowl of good soup with a serving of pasta on the side, maybe with a couple of the ‘meatballs’ on top) and tomorrow to do all the breadlike stuff.


2 responses to “the great freezer bake”

  1. Lynne says :

    Cooking days can be fun! It’s great to be able to cook meals and stock them up for times when you are too busy and pushed for time to cook.

  2. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check emails.

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