yeah I’m alive just snowed under with work

I was without internet access all day yesterday and spent hours trouble-shooting what the problem was and wasting hours of time on the help line with the technician. I restarted the computer, restarted the modem (again and again), and went through every tech check known to the technician and myself with no solution. The computer told me all was go from computer to modem, the technician told me all was from modem to them …but no connection. Finally, out of frustration, I decided to do a full shut down and ignore the computer. Well, whaddyaknow — when I turned it back on about half an hour later it started doing a updating new windows configuration thing — one of the automatic updates had obviously downloaded onto the computer. It went through the entire thing, restarting itself several times, and like magic, suddenly the internet connection worked: the update had blocked dns access until it was installed. Nice going microsoft.

This is a seriously busy week –last day of classes, preparing exams, piles of extra meetings with students and on both Monday and Tuesday carrying home a veritable mountain of end of the semester papers to grade. The house is a disaster, of course. I’ve got to take Mouse to the vet this evening — he’d not moved off the sofa for two days straight, meaning he needs that shot again.

I’m hoping to get pictures of the two baby cage kitties up and have a naming contest for the cuties: Fluffy Black Baby Cat and Tiger Striped Sister Cat is just too much of a mouthful. I’ve still not been able to coordinate getting them to Ronen for spaying and that has to get front and center next week.


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