Arkansas win hints things may be bad for Dems in 2014 mid-terms

There was a special election for the Arkansas state senate this week and the winner was a Republican. Why does this look bad for Dems in the mid-term elections? A Republican has not been elected in that county since the 1870s. Yes eighteen-seventies. Obamacare played a big role in the election but here’s a heads up for Dems running on an anti-Obamacare campaign line: Both the Dem and the Rep candidates came out strongly against Obamacare. The Dem candidate outspent the Republican candidate by 3 to 1 on advertising. The election wasn’t even close, with the Republican walking away with nearly 60% of the votes. I imagine some cold chills are running up and down the spine of a lot of Dem candidates and the Dem party as a whole as a result.


One response to “Arkansas win hints things may be bad for Dems in 2014 mid-terms”

  1. Lynne says :

    Well, amazing. I hope that moderate, reasonable Republicans dominate the elections, lawmakers that care about the people they are supposed to be serving. Sick of the liberal Democrats. I tend to be very liberal in many respects., so I don’t identify much at all with those Republicans who are extremely conservative and narrow-minded.

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