4 kitties scheduled to be spayed!

On Saturday night I’ve got to get all four of the little girls needing to be spayed into carriers so that Sharon can pick them up at 7 am on Sunday for transport to Ronen. After they have been spayed, vaccinated, and chipped, she will bring them back to me. I’m going to pay her 200 sheks for the transport and that is a major deal because she is taking them all at once. If I took them one by one with a cab it would be close to 100 sheks round trip per kitty and I’d have hours of waiting time on that end. Ronen used to do pick up and delivery for free but he doesn’t have a car any longer (I seriously disapprove of his new motorcycle but with the cost of paying for parking in Tel Aviv I definitely understand his going car-less).


2 responses to “4 kitties scheduled to be spayed!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Ah, the endless expense of caring for abandoned animals! I’m recovering from the vet care for three of mine, but I have dentals coming up for three of them, maybe four. (Dentals really are essential for the health of the animal (removing bad teeth and trying to prevent future dental problems), but they are soooooo expensive.) Good luck with the spaying of that little group. Spaying/neutering definitely helps reduce cat over-population!

  2. Sue Baldock says :

    I am fostering 4 little female kittens at the moment for my local branch of Cats Protection. They were found dumped in a wet cardboard box on a trading estate. I despair of some people! Considering their poor start in life, they are very human friendly and can purr for England. You can see pix of them at http://www.flickr.com/photos/susanbaldock
    Keep up the very good work you are doing over there, Yael. Shachory and Apollo send their greetings to you!

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