collards on the menu: garden update

Today I was able to get a bit of badly needed weeding done in the various garden plots (there are still 3 areas completely over-run that I’ve got to get to). The mint and oregano are doing great, the two parsley plants are HUGE. I was like, holy guacamole, I’ve grown some prehistoric parsley! I’ve lost the lettuce and spinach after that huge rainstorm we had a while back (they drowned) but the green onions are thick and lush. The collards have gotten really big and so tomorrow I’m going to harvest the bottom leaves off all the plants and have a nice serving of boiled collard greens for dinner tomorrow night.

I’m going to replant lettuce and the australian Malabar spinach (it is like a vine and not like a regular spinach plant and is very heat resistant) tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. I need to go through the seeds and see what I should be starting now for a March-April-May harvest.


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