The GCT (Great Cat Transport): Vaccinations completed

I can’t believe that we fly out in just one week. I may go blind before then with all the grading I’ve got to fit in by next Tuesday: I’ve got to get 3 weeks worth of grading for four classes completed in just 7 days. I’ve got to go collect the last batch of exams tomorrow and I’m not even halfway finished with the first batch. Ugh.

The vaccinations are now all done and he went ahead and vaccinated and chipped Little Mouse, Mischa, and Batya as well so that will be one less thing I’ll have to do next July. Only the little black stubby-tailed cat outside, who will go also in July, has not had the works done on her. It took us two hours to get each cat vaccinated against rabies, then the shot against the worms, and finally the chip inserted. Smokey and Tovi both had chips already. I was convinced that Shachori had one as well, because she is such an escape artist I was convinced that I had her chipped back when I lived in Tel Aviv but the chip reader couldn’t find one on her. With everything else going on we did not get them de-flea’d and I’ll have to do that tonight. Next week, after I get them all into carriers for the flight we will have to take them out (using the fabulous scrunch-a-cat cage), give them another shot against worms and a very mild tranquilizer. Ronen said he would never tranq a cat that was going to go in cargo or even in cabin with its owner but, since they are flying with their own personal vet and his magic bag of vet tools, including the wake-up-right-now antidote in case any experience problems, it should be safe. I’m still not thrilled about it but must agree that the noise level in my apartment, with only 8 of them in carriers, was pretty severe and with double the number in the confined space of an airplane…for 17 hours…yeah.

I sent Ronen off with a tray of freshly baked blondies (gotta love a dessert that only takes one bowl and 3 minutes to put together before going in the oven). He was like don’t give me the whole tray, just a couple of them…then he ate one and was like, ok, so give me the whole tray and how do you make them? So I gave him the recipe as well.

I’m already feeling a little sad. Smokey One Eye is curled up in my lap and trying to bathe my arm as I type. She spends a good half hour every evening thoroughly licking my arms, my neck and my face (in hot weather she’ll try to do my legs and feet too!). She is very much going to miss her Ema (trust me, my Ema is not up to being bathed by a cat on any day in her lifetime) and I’m going to sorely miss each and every one of my babies. With only 3 cats to greet me when I come back and I’m going to be going through massive empty nest syndrome. I know, I know, it is only 5 months…

Oh and something funny though maybe not. I may have to revise my idea that Fluffy is adoptable (I already knew her sister Leeza is a hopeless case). When Ronen came into Tovi’s room those two little girls went ballistic in the huge cage I’m keeping them in. It was like a cat version of Cirque de Soleil. They went airborne, flying past each other at nearly the speed of light, ricocheting off the sides, the cage top and one another. They hung, they spun, they did backflips, side flips and contortions I didn’t think it was possible for a cat to do. Holy shit, Ronen said before we both dissolved into a fit of laughter. Good luck with them, were his last words as he ducked out of the room…


2 responses to “The GCT (Great Cat Transport): Vaccinations completed”

  1. Lynne says :

    Well, I am a nervous wreck over the GCT! I hate that the US is having so many severe winter storms. And, it’s going to be such a long, long trip to get the cats here. You and Ronen will be worn out. Sigh

  2. Erin Rawls says :

    What an adventure! I wish you were coming in on the east coast…Id have tagged along to help on that crazy long drive! And you must share the blondies recipe:)

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