vaccination day: battered, bruised, and bleeding

Ronen is coming in two hours to vaccinate, chip and de-flea the 16 cats that are going on the Great Cat Transport. Two hours ago I started with stealth grabs to get my most “run away, run away” at approach and especially at sight of a carrier cats. I managed to get Flossy first, then Flora without incident. Waited a bit to calm everyone (except for the girls yowling without (still without) cease in captivity) and managed a major score and got Tzeekada into a carrier. It was quite a struggle but I managed (barely) with no injury to myself or her. Tzofia put herself in a carrier and so I just shut the door on her. Then came Shachori. I managed to scruff and drag her off the top of the refrigerator. In the six steps it took to get her to the carrier I got seriously maimed. Blood is still running down my arm from a deep and long scratch thanks to her back foot claws. Blood is still oozing from the bite on the back of my left hand. The palm of my right hand is scored with 9 scratches. I didn’t get her into the carrier I intended — she balked, freaking out in a most serious way and managed to unwittingly maneuver herself into one of the small carriers I mean for either Puddin or Smokey One Eye. But the worst of the worst are all caged. I’ve only got 3 more free carriers so Ronen and I will have to do the chase down and cornering of those I can’t get caged. Now, I’m off to try to trap Smokey…jumping jehosaphat.


One response to “vaccination day: battered, bruised, and bleeding”

  1. israeliminx says :

    All the available carriers are now fully occupied! Flora, Flossy, Matan, Shachori, Smokey One Eye, Tinoket, and Tzofia are in. I’ve got to corral Muffin and Puddin and put them in the bathroom. The four little girls have already been vaccinated and chipped last week and so they are less critical (I can de-flea them myself later). They don’t really have fleas but the airline carrier is paranoid so I put the Revolution on everyone last week and we will hit them all with it again today. Unfortunately, they do all have tapeworms and the revolution doesn’t do anything for that. Ronen is going to give them all a deworming shot but that hasn’t been effective before — tapeworms are resistant to regular de-worming and there is only one one-shot (forgive the pun) treatment that really works on them — and we don’t have it here. The other treatments require giving them a pill three weeks on and that seriously ain’t happening with my cats (which is why they chronically have tapeworms).

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